1. does anyone else think that her face seems unnatural or warped in the first image kinda like in one of the shots from her Gucci campaign?

  2. In the first picture she kinda looks like Alana Kuznetsova (lips!!) And in the last picture she reminds me of Natasha Poly. But her legs are still absolutely amazing!!

  3. When I looked at thew pirsct picture,I was shocked,because I thought Candice invaded Vogue Paris territory:>

  4. why did she dye her hair when shes at the top of her game ? I think shes fantastic regardless but I don’t understand the move to blonde . I doubt it was her idea either , I’ve seen her in interviews on Ftv and theres no way she gives a crap what colour her hair is

  5. I love love love Karmen, but I hate this. Everthing thing is just so blah…..(and I like her as a dark dark brunette much more)

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