The Unsinkable Daria

Daria Werbowy takes the New York Times Magazine to St. Barths as they follow her sailing adventures. Did you know that when she’s not appearing in campaigns for brands like Lancome and Celine, Ms. Werbowy is an avid sailor? Find out more in her NY Times profile:

“Werbowy loves the sea as much as the sun — a few years ago she took a break from modeling and sailed across the Atlantic from New York for 24 days with her father, brother and sister. A few days after our shoot, she would be embarking on a two-month sailing expedition from Guatemala to Belize, island hopping along the coast, then traveling through Central America to Costa Rica. There would be no staff, no captain, no chef, just a few friends and family members. Werbowy would do it all: sail, steer, clean and cook. “Daria can morph into so many different things,” Bird says. “She’s tough as nails.”

Cass Bird captures Daria’s carefree spirit in these alluring shots styled by Sara Moonves: no one does devil may care on a beach quite like Daria.

  1. Daria is eternal. Like Lauren Hutton she can leave the industry for months on end and come back with a vengeance – every, single, time.

  2. this is the best ed of the year. ms werbowy delivers each and everytime. daria doesnt have to do much just being herself.

    i cant get enough of how beautiful this ed really is. it’s so refreshing after seeing repetitive concepts inside the pages of vogues these days.

    queen daria!!!!!!!

  3. I was watching a Mario Testino set of fashion nudes.

    When I came back to verify, it has been gone, it simply disappear, now only other photos from different magazines and photographers are showing.

    Please send me that again.



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