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Sometimes a model is so perfectly matched to the appeal of the brand they represent that they become more than just a campaign representative, they become the physical embodiment of the brand itself. Nacho Figueras is the total Polo package – with his smoldering good looks, athleticism (he actually plays the sport professionally)  and debonair vibe he captures all the qualities of the Ralph Lauren man. Perhaps that’s why the designer made Figueras the face of all three Polo fragrances – the first time any model has ever simultaneously represented all the scents at once.

Anyone looking to see Nacho’s polo skills in action need look no further than his upcoming May 30th match at the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic. Nacho will be going up against none other than Prince Harry.


  1. As i look the perfume ads some images come to my mind: Joel West, Tyson Beckford, Werner Schreyer, Mike Campbel…will fashion ever a have a new crop of good looking MEN (not boys) like in the nineties? Im waiting anxiously for this day to come…

  2. But he’s always been a Polo player first & foremost & then a model … I disagree that he represents the Ralph Lauren Man … I mean, how many American guys wearing R.L look like him, play Polo & are from a super wealthy Argentine family? Not many!

  3. Come on Andre, don’t be racist and just because the guy is latind and doesn’t have blonde hair doesn’t mean he can’t represent the brand. He is representing ralph lauren very well: healthy,mature, confident, and buying power market.

  4. Andrea, when I say that he represents the Ralph Lauren man I mean that he represents the perfect image of the company. He’s very aspirational in that he has the kind of look and lifestyle that men wearing RL find compelling and desirable. I don’t think that in order to represent something you have to necessarily fit some rigid physical standard. I think its more along the lines of him representing the aesthetic of the line and a very positive persona that men who wear the line can admire. Much like how Sasha Pivovarova came to really represent Prada’s ethos. Do the women who wear and buy Prada for the most part look like her? No but she captures something that is very aspirational and completely in line with all Miuccia creates.

  5. Brilliant marketing move on RL’s part! One man, three fragrances, three distinct smells, three different attitudes. Basically telling every guy out there, “One perfume for all facets of your life, personalities and attitude”

    Genius… though would it make you buy all three?

  6. i knew his face,he is so hot. polo black very cool.and you look great on suit. keep it up.

  7. It is truly a sin for one person to look that good.Ten guys are walking around earth ugly as ever because of this.

  8. He is the epitome of the hero in the novel I’m writing. When I saw the first Polo Black ad about a year ago, I was dumbstruck! Nacho looked exactly like I had imagined my hero to look like, except my hero has deep blue eyes (and is of Irish descent).
    It was an odd experience to see an actual real person that I thought was only a figment of my imagination!

  9. Nacho’s handsomeness is outstanding but his well mannered and quiet demeanor is what makes him so appealing.

  10. I must say his wife must be a very secure
    woman with loads of self-esteem to tie the
    knot with this outrageously stunning man!
    I wouldn’t trust him with other women! Ay
    caramba, que bonito!!!!

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