1. LOVE, actually!!!

    These Uber Models have it all!!!

    Karolina has the best one because it’s more of a relaxed shoot and not stage……. and you can see in her eyes that she’s really in love…. or in lust? Ha ha, you can’t blame the girl, He’s just as stunning!

    Alessandra has a great cover, but her hair is the other shots are kinda Mess….. anyways these two has the best relationship…. they seemed like they really complement each other…. I saw them everywhere and they seemed like a real partners in crime ha ha…. Alessandra is one of the Hottest women in the world and Jamie Mazur has that quiet sexiness in him…..

  2. You can absolutely tell Anja and Sasha are both models! But I love the whole spread, GOD Alessandra is gorgeous in the editorial and they absolutely match. Sometimes you just want something light hearted… and this is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I could do it better than that my facebook is gerald moise im the only one on this earth so u can find me

  4. anja and sasha trueee love
    karolina i still cant believe she is married
    ale is ok but ths photos look like the anual beneton campaign..

  5. I LOVE anja and sasha last picture the one of their faces near is pure hotness anja and karolina are the best here and has the best men
    Alessadraยดs hair just ruin it for me

  6. They all look very wonderful. But in my opinion, Alessandra and Jamie look strongly amazing, blew me away.

  7. WOW… this is freakishly AMAZING!!! ^.^ makes me happy and makes me believe in L.O.V.E.!!!

  8. Anja & Sasha – no contest! Jamie Mazur looks like he doesn’t wanna be there & Archie Drury could pass for Karolina’s dad (not sure what the actual age difference is but it must be difficult to keep up with her – she always looks so young & hot!).

  9. Anja and Sasha are both too model-y for me. They both look amazing but the pictures look like that fake editorial lust. I want to see them being real. I highly doubt they do that at home. haha.

    Alessandra’s hair flipping drives me nuts actually. It looks cool and she looks amazing as always but her poor hubby looks so out of place, even though he is very handsome. I think it misses the point of having real life partners in the shoot.

    KK and her man look THE BEST in my opinion. It looks relaxed, loving, well shot and staged. To me it nails the point of having a real life partners in the shoot.

  10. No contest … Anja & Sasha.

    I love how people complain that it’s to ‘model-y] … well, they’re both models, they both know how to pose & aware of the camera/light/photographer/each other etc..

    Not a fan of Alessandra. Just don’t find her attractive compared to her fellow Brazilians like Ana-B, Isabeli, Izabel etc…

  11. Anja is definitely the best model! Karolina is amazing too but I feel like she’s lost her spark. Alessandra the mouth open wide agape in every shoot she does just ruins every shoot she does. sorry. Its not a part of the lips its fly catching!

  12. well, Anja and Sasha of course – they both look suitable for the cover. AA is boring and KK – well, …mmm…Anja is better

  13. KK wins for me. The red lips and the composition make it really stand out. Also the black & white shot of Archie taking her photo is so so lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Anja and Sasha’s cover is the best ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Alessandra and her hair look amazing!


  15. anja and sasha ๐Ÿ™‚ none of the rest of couples had such a close photo as their lasy… but the idea is amazing! you’re a model, bring your boyfriend and you’ll be on the cover ๐Ÿ˜‰

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