1. Bill was so kind to Erin as she began her career. We will miss the wonderful times with him in Paris at Hermes. He was such a nice man and I am so sorry I just heard the news. Leslie, her mom

  2. I just found out that Bill had passed away as I was about to
    contact him for a reference to our daughter possibly becoming
    a model. l want to share that Bill reached out to me early during
    our 20’s at the Seattle Athletic Club where we became work out
    partners and also friends .

    I still remember he provided me and my wife the best recommendation for a restaurant ( “ChezShea”) for
    our 2nd anniversary and it was as Bill put it (“Beautiful”).

    We enjoyed a fabulous week at his Pacific Palisades home
    that he and Jean Pelton , were so generous to offer out to
    us and had a great time.

    Thanks for all Bill and we won’t ever forget you!

    Rob James

  3. Bill was a realy great person. Very charming and very funny wiht such a kind heart. I really miss him and had no idea he was in such pain. Allot of people really miss him

  4. I knew Bill 25 years ago.. I too just found out he passed away. He was alot of fun. We worked together at the Seattle Models Guild in the 80’s. I am sorry that I was not able to say a kind goodbye and to congratulate him on all his success.


  5. I just found out and I am very saddened by this. I met Bill when we both worked at the Seattle SunBanque in the early 80’s. I was actually his boss for a short time! But he didn’t need any bossing. He was so funny, and we had so many inside jokes, many of which still make me laugh to think of. I have some cards and photos of us from that time. I hadn’t seen him in years, but was happy for the successes he made. The best thing he did for me was pave the way for Nanette and I to become best friends to this day. Obviously, Bill made a big difference for many. Thank you Bill.

  6. Bill was like a dad to me. He took me under his wing when I was 17 we went to Europe, Hollywood, Arizona together I looked at him more as family than an agent. He was the best agent in the world. We would call eachother any time of day or night and I could cry to him with whatever I was going through and he would always make it better. We had so many plans. The last time I had talked to Bill I had really been struggling with life I was stuck with a really bad drinking ploblem that was keeping me away from modeling. I had got into a drunken car accident the night before I talked to bill I told him about it and he told me to get to L.a. I never made it there. If I had only known that Bill was hurting so badly inside, I would have been there but being so dragged down by my own problems I guess I didnt see his. But we all know Bill never complained and was always so up beat and positive. I never would have expected this in a million years. He was always teaching me how to be the best person. Nagging on me everyday to quit smoking. I remember the times he quit smoking he would be so happy. Bill is my anglel and I’ll never forget all the times we died laughing over the most stupid things. I’ll never forget my agent Bill but most importantly my best friend.
    Jade deSynadinos.
    If you knew Bill and want to exchange photo’s on email I have so hillarious pictures!!!Bill with fake teeth in and chocolate all over them!!!! email me @

  7. I’ve been out of the modeling business for quite sometime and just found this news to be heart breaking. I remember when Bill starting his agency. He left Jo Anne Meyer or Meyers, opened his own agency on Capital Hill, on Melrose, not too far from Fred Milkie Studio. My sister had the opportunity to sell him cosmetics when she worked for Norstrom, then located on Fifth and Pine, Downtown Seattle. None of the others sales girls would wait on him, due to the old fashion notion that men didn’t need cosmetics. She thought him to be a very pleasant person, one with a purpose, someone who pursued his dream. Wow, I’m so glad Bill gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream even though I was a petite model.

  8. wow, heart heavy as a rock, I can’t believe I’m just finding out. I’m sadden by what feels like an end of an era for our industry here in Seattle. I look back fondly on my ‘polaroid (remember those?) series’ of Bill and I: tall/short, black/white, cheek to cheek/lip to lip, so much fun. Never did anyone croon Elvis over the phone the way Bill did.

  9. Bill gave me a chance and introduced me to the higher life of the big city, Seattle as I was just a young green girl from Tri Cities, WA. He was proactive, he was perfect. He must have been a Virgo or something because he was sleek perfection. A real icon with his kind of style. I just found out by chance on the net. What a fabulous photo of him, like old style Hollywood glamour. (I live in England now)
    RIP Bill, life must be more interesting up there. Ta, ta for now.

  10. I just now ran across this site, and my heart sank. I ran Heffner Models for Bill as he traveled the world,always the scout. I was able to attend his funeral and it was a very sad event. Of course we could celebrate his remarkable life, and remember his hilarity, but how could he be gone? We met at Spafford Robbins house when we were in our early 20’s. He was so FUNNY. So tall, and he wore those black canvas Chinese maryjane shoes. The world was a glamorous place through his eyes, and I will never forget the black patent leather Charles Jourdan pumps and black (of course!)St. John knit dress with the huge shoulder pads he bought me. It was the 80’s after all. We went to Regine’s for New Years that year. People loved to hate him, and he used to say, “Better to be talked about than not”. Good advice dear Bill. Miss knowing you’re in the world.

  11. 1/26/13
    I cleaned for Bill way back in his start in Seattle. He was so kind, and such a friend to me. When he turned 30 and was worried, I told Bill, I will always be older then you.
    He headed to LA.
    I have been cleaning out my life and found a picture of Bill. Thought to write him as a blast from the past, and found out last night he passed away in 2007!:(
    I am shocked, saddened:(
    Thank you Bill for your kindness-laughter!
    You are now Modeling the Angel’s!:)

  12. Bill Heffner gave me my start in 1984 when he scouted the University of Washington. I was an 18 year old kid who had never even considered modeling. Because of Bill, I was able to travel abroad and see parts of the world I would never had otherwise had the opportunity! Thank you for opening up my world Bill and I have no doubt you are in a beautiful place called Heaven!

  13. …..my darling friend…..you are loved more now than ever…..our short years together gave me inspiration and happiness…..laughing together at a time in our life when pressure was great…..if only I could’ve spoke to u one last time before u passed schnookums…..memories are great and live on…..you are part of my life for a reason…..♡…..