1. Spechless, really im so overwhelmed by this two.
    Kristen, she is probably my favorite model ever, and patrick he is a total babe.. but no matter how perfect they both are, if the picture just does not work it will be such a waste of cover (as it usually is).
    I wish all i-D covers were this consistent, not necessarily this great.. but apparently thats so much to ask for. Next month is going to be a celeb on the cover.. why??

  2. this woman has been the embodiment and definition of high fashion for decades. I worship her image.

  3. Great covers! I’m glad Patrick is doing so well, such a beautiful man. Although I’m not crazy about the white eyebrows/hair thing he had going on recently – the whole white eyebrows thing needs to stop at this stage – so conceited!

  4. SO HAPPY for Patrick, I knew he’d do well. I remember seeing him on sean & seng’s blog maybe 2 years ago? ( who scouted him ) I was like ” WHOAH “

  5. Patrick O’Donnell is kind of like a caucasian vesion of Rob Evans like really worked out, with muscles, very macho, so maybe we can see him in Givenchy

  6. Kristen is hot…
    She’s on fire right about now
    Stunning campaigns, covers and editorials one after the next.

    A Goddess..

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