1. She does look the vintage siren, but where is she? In a pink-walled, palm-lined concrete block compound, kept company only by blank and staring pool toys and lies on corrugated roofing?

    Wonderfully surreal, mixing nineties gwen and more with retro. A dash of cindy sherman as well.

  2. I know that it’s supposed to be “luscious,” but Ashley looks bored. I’m not a huge fan of the editorial.


  4. didn’t Lindsey Wixson just do a shoot like this for UK Vouge called Pool Party not really a fan of LW but hers was better….
    Ashley gives no type of connection in these shots.

  5. i agree with everyone else…despite the colors and styling, its dead and not in that good broken aldridge doll kind of way. it kind of looks like out takes.

  6. Love it! I want a hot pink bikini now! But the last picture with the cigarette kinda ruins it a little bit though…

  7. She looks bored in this story… like the concept, but it has been done before, and Ashley shows now emotion.

  8. Don’t know, maybe not that bad in fact, but I’m not a fan of Ashley and this won’t change my mind, just that… Btw I think Ashley is more (all? no, but more for sure I guess…) about fierceness / impetuosity than intensity – at least this kind of intensity.

  9. Ashley looks so hot here, the lighting and make up and styling and color here is great but the images fall flat, the diet coke one is the only on that works, the others as others have noted really lack substance in terms of the images…and yes, smoking stinks

  10. @Amal

    I was thinking the same thing but I lovveee the Lindsey Wixson shoot… although Aldrige work one of favourite photographers

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