Teen Vogue is always on the cutting edge when it comes to casting. Their lively editorials are frequently highlighted by the finest new girls within the industry. This month Rose Cordero graces the magazine’s pages in a high flying romp of an editorial by Thomas Schenk. With a regal beauty beyond her years and a truly dynamic presence Rose adds a touch of class to the overly familiar model jumping concept. Teen Vogue was so smitten with Rose that they listed her as one of their contributors for the month!


  1. Supreme has made a right decision by representing this girl, as she possesses a cool factor that could do wonders both on the runway and in editorials. As for the comments about having the same expression all the time, it might be true at the moment, but at 16 she has a good chance of improving with time. We’ll be keeping an eye on her.


    She’s learning her trade and in the next couple of seasons she will be up there with the best.

    Go Rose !

  3. I love her so much and her hair is so beautiful (my hair looks almost exactly like hers)

  4. Rose and Arlenis are beautiful women. Please NY city scouts, you guys should travel more often to the caribbean islands. im sure youd find a lot of interesting faces!

  5. I agree with Gustavo. Travel to the Caribbean, that is the real melting pot of the world.

  6. She’s cute. But that’s it. She can’t have that cut. Sessilee already has a better version of it and rocks it much better. Oh, and she is the same way as Arlenis (I love Arlenis) but they both do not know how to give FACE. Take lessons from Sessilee girls.

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