1. Wow, this girl is Flawless…….

    this is very very Sexy, intelligent and classy!

  2. She looks like a hotter, fresher and more sensual version of Jessica Alba.

    Very Agent Provocateur Sexy….

  3. Anais has been getting a lot of work lately. It seems like she is taking some of Lindsey Wixson’s editorial work, imo. Anyway, she looks fantastic.

  4. Love the last pic she could have gave more attitude for this editorial she has a poodle she’s a rich girl she worked it like urban outfitters she should have gave more mystery and sex appeal and she has all the physical attributes to have done it Karlie Kloss would have

  5. Love how S&S always incorporate animals into their shoots. Elephants, dogs, lambs… always incredible.

  6. I thought it was impossible to know someone’s naked body by rote better than Eniko’s one, but Anais is becoming a serious competitor… 🙂
    btw “Ooh La La” really!, for the kind of model she is Anais is a factor – and she’s doing a lot of things, the way she absolutely deserves imo.

  7. wowowowo. now this a model with great career ahead of her. she is developing with a normal pace and what it is coming out of that is a gorgous creature. btw great body.

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