Family Matters

Gender is on the mind of the editors of Tush. Toni Garrn and her brother, Niklas play both sides of the beauty ideal on multiple covers. While Toni is known for her modeling, Niklas is a relatively new face on the scene in spite of the fact that he’s two years older than Toni. Which Garrn cover is your favorite?




  1. Perfect cover! Very interesting. The Garrn family certainly has amazing genes! Niclas and Toni are both gorgeous, their parents must be proud! But, I still think that his features are way softer and prettier than hers. I’d bang him in one second!

  2. It’s interesting to see that such a basic idea that’s already become a standard in the editorial world (a woman dressed as a man) has been done with a twist here, and it’s executed beautifully.

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