1. Testino Does Rio Grande.

    Brazilians are indeed the hottest and best bodies in the world but the shoot lacks that “Raw Sex Appeal” that can be found in an American Abercrombie and Fitch shots by Bruce Weber.

    Perfection can be boring sometimes……

    ps:Izabel Goulart looks amazing

  2. Plus, if you study their faces….. the guys all look serious and trying too much to pull that Zoolander-esque look!

  3. @Santiago – yes because the “Candice Does Copenhagen” is a lot better…… it’s classier I guess and more raw, and sensual…..

    this looks like an “empty” display of perfect bodies.

  4. The shot of the girls ass is the only real similarity with the Candace story, which was way trashier than this. Whoever thinks that editorial was classier, has very questionable taste, and class.

    As far as this one goes, it could have been shot in Miami, with local models. They’re all gorgeous, but I don’t find any of them really sexy. It looks like what it is, boring and staged..Meh

  5. I also think the brazilian girls are amazing.

    What an ass!

    Izabel body > Candice body

  6. @Shane Uk- Candice ” The Body ” Swanepoel has the best “Butt” in the business…….?

  7. Let’s just say it, none of these guys are Sexy…..

    is Rodrigo Calazans not available?

  8. love izabel!
    actually i really want to see selita ebanks on high fashion world.!
    btw, it was really nice to see an editorial that model by doll face again.. i mean we should gather lindsay ellingson, lisa cant, heather marks, caroline trentini, lily cole, vlada roslyakova, jessica stam or maybe with gemma ward!! oh lovely!

  9. Go Izabel! Hottest a** in the bizz x10000000!!!!!

    Yeah the sotry is similar to Candice’but that probably has more to do with Testino than it does with the models. Hot. Brazilians do it better.

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