Woman On Top!

She’s baaaaaack!! After a brief hiatus Suvi Koponen has returned to doing what she does best – raising the bar in editorials. Who else is going to stand in perilous six inch heels on top of a Vuitton steamer and make it look not just graceful but easy? The latest Vogue Italia showcases Suvi twisting and turning as Richard Burbridge captures every move. Burbridge’s dynamic use of light and color within the story and Joanne Blades‘ choice styling only serve to highlight Suvi’s ability to pull off the most demanding poses.

  1. Her body language is nice, but her face is so blank in every shot. Just a little more expression on her face would have really made a difference.

  2. Ah, Whatta Model!
    Thank you Suvi… and Richard… and the rest of the team who created these images.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! she sucks on the runway but she photographes amazing
    i want that hair!

  4. totally useless..model photogrpaher styling…n s this supposed to be vogue italia????

  5. it`s true that suvi is one of the few people who don`t have an eating disorder, she`s pale because shes from scandinavia! they are very pale in there, particularly in finland!

  6. she’s not pale! meybe you haven’t noticed that all people aren’t the same colour. people in skandinavia are whiter because the wintertime is longer there and summer is so short that is almost impossible to get a tan that lasts the whole year long. she’s beautiful.

  7. In Finnland people are not that tanned. 😀 In another case she has so much make up so she can look more paler?!

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