Costume Drama

Every ensemble sent down the runway tells a story and Arlenis Sosa does her part to bring these stories to life. The Dominican beauty plays a host of characters for Michelangelo di Battista in the latest Vogue Italia. From Casanova to lonesome cowboy Arlenis embodies each look with help from Alice Gentiluccis clever styling. Which of dramatis personae do you prefer? We’re partial to the cigarette smoking lady lothario.


Arlenis Sosa by Michelangelo di Battista | Scanned by Diciassette at tFS

  1. she s very 80s…that works for those looks….but i m very disappointed that a vogue italia story look like bazar usa…too commercial n nothing interesitng…we r not really lookign at vogue italia to see a model standign wth hands ont he hip…in 2 images…

  2. I’ll always support an ethnic girl in fashion, but i really dont think Arlenis really stands out. I dont get what it is about her look that catapulted her to stardom….

  3. this idustry is changing so much: chanel iman, jourdan dunn, sessle lopez and now arlines sosa, SHES GREAT, AND I LYK HER AMERICAN STYLE POSES AND LOOK, we can all relate SHES BEAUTIFUL I THINK SHES BEGGINIG 2 B MY FAVORITE

  4. Why does she looks so good here?!!!!! She wasn’t one of my faves before, but she is really proving herself. I hope there’s more to come from her!!!

  5. Arlee is good, but they should really push that girl, Yes, That GIRL! the ethnic one, from Dominican Republic that was featured in Models who didn’t have a career because she’s shy and not blonde! I thought that with the cureent wave right now, she does have a potential. I felt so sorry for her and her mom! Pls…… feature her!!!

  6. This editorial is very powerful and interisting…Arlenis is the perfect choice for this kind of images that bring memories of the old Fashion magazines… If I didnt know this is from 2009, I would have assume these were vintage… Arlenis is such a classic, beautiful, glamourous, powerful woman..
    thanks for this..


  7. Arlenis is really having a moment! Covers and editorials are piling up and the editorials too. And her fist majoring clothing campaign.

    Last year’s most likely to success has managed to both deliver AND live up to the hype!

  8. every shot looks the same, i like it… but don’t love it! this is not a ‘super’model in these pictures

  9. this woman is beautiful inside and out, please bring it to this page, it’s refreshing to have something like that. is different, the better.

  10. I simply LOVE Arlenis but once again, the girl is giving the same exact face in every photo. She needs to work on expressions. Work on the face Arlenis, you can do it. Give face!!

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