Abstract Expressions

By now we know that Paolo Roversi‘s art influenced photography style often resembles Impressionist artwork but his latest story in Vogue UK looks especially painterly. Guinevere Van Seenus – the artists frequent muse – plays a showgirl in barely there styling courtesy of Lucinda Chambers but the burlesque feel is contrasted by the softness of the photography which moves from real to surreal as the story progresses. This isn’t the best combination of Roversi and Van Seenus but the more abstract images still manage to captivate.



Guinevere Van Seenus by Paolo Roversi | Scanned by Manuva @ tFS

  1. I will never get tired of Paolo Pictures…he’s such an artist..and the history between this model and photographer should be made into a book. Beautiful…

  2. this s finilly something that u may like to see over n over..not a fan of Roversy at all as he s been takingthesame pix for the last 2oyears..but this s very good,,i wander how much the art director or the editor s involved b4 to say it s Roversi work..

  3. as always, Paolo and Guinevere make the most AMAZING images. so major and so poetic.

  4. She looks like a contestant named Lauren who participated in America’s Next Top Model. Not very impressed…

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