Lightening Strikes Twice

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott have collaborated with Kate Moss numerous times: who can forget their iconic images for the Pirelli calendar, or those eye-catching campaigns for Lonchamp and Pirelli? The trio joins forces yet again for a new set of editorials / covers for Vogue Japan and Vogue Paris. Capitalizing on Moss’ enduring appeal and some of the hottest couture pieces from Armani Prive and Givenchy, M&M create a familiar yet powerful vision of luxury.

Kate by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Vogue Paris

Kate by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Vogue Japan

  1. Moss looks incredible here, one wonders how many laborious hours of post production it took to pull that one off. Whoever he or she is operating the photoshop they’re a true artist and genius.

  2. kate looks really great in the editorial.

    it’s lightning though, not lightening,
    unless you’re talking about kate getting a skin bleach or something.

  3. I kind of like the cover. Not sure if it’s very Vogue though… Maybe Alt is trying to mix it up a bit. My problem is that I’m ridiculosly tired of Kate Moss. C’mon. She looks great, but the girl has done enough, hasn’t she?

  4. The last picture looks nothing like Kate. I’m not impressed with the styling. Also, it seems like Emmanuelle is putting icons like Gisele and Kate on the cover because she just started as the new editor-in-chief so having supermodels like them on the covers will overshadows the poor styling. That’s just my opinion. I mean, last issue, they styled Gisele in such horrific ways; maybe it’s just my taste but I think that the styling could have been better.

  5. Never been a fan of Kate Moss. But have to admit she’s one heck of a model. The cover and editorials are just stunning (well stunningly airbrushed).

  6. the 2 VP images posted are awkward and contrived.
    nothing chic or confident about them in terms of concept, styling or photo editing.
    (kate looks so lost in that 2nd photo with her lack of eye contact and gormless body language.)
    not even a great model or photographers could save it.

  7. there s only one star left n that s miss moss.. bout the quality of the shoot n the styling s not as vogue paris s supposed to be

  8. The cover is an awkward, bad shot, and overall the styling here is passe, cliche, and boring… despite the soulless photography and styling, Kate looks lovely

  9. It;s ncie to see Kates wonderful face

    but its time for her too add a little diversity to her cover.. I’m just saying
    I think people expect the usualy Huge Icon Model like Gisele,Kate,Natalia,Daria and others but they seem to always seem to forget about Alek and Jourdon then you got Devon or Hye. I think if Franca can do it so can Vogue Paris.

  10. Kate moss is dope at any age and airbrushed or not she is beautiful and all the Gucci and Dior ads are airbrushed no matter how old the girl is I love it it looks better and I’m sure with all the hair and makeup without the airbrush she would have been just as beautiful stop being so critical you guys she’s beautiful and iconic period point blank.

  11. “and I’m sure with all the hair and makeup without the airbrush she would have been just as beautiful”(eye rolls)!

    Bwa ha haha

  12. she uses the galvanic spa gadget to look younger. it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to make one look younger.

  13. I admire much of the work by M and M, and again here the light quality, color tones and mood are all very affecting. But the snake symbol and that kind of imposed pseudo-psychological touch is more silly than profound.

  14. VP cover is really boring … Next month it’ll be Daria for sure !! RIP Carine’s genius all over the VOGUE Paris !!

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