Pablo Honey

Fashion fanatics remember him from that unforgettable shot in the S/S Givenchy campaign but now Pablo ContrerasModel Link. is showing another side to Steven Meisel in the latest issue of Vogue Italia. Pablo joins Sasha Pivovarova on a Moroccan adventure as the two bring an exotic fantasy to life. Pablo’s pictures display a raw sensuality and power hidden behind his emotive gaze – incredible casting!




  1. he s very interteng n she s totally the wrong girl to put with him…there s not chemistry at all..they should have used Lakshmi Menon but of course Meisel doesn t like her….lol

  2. OMG he is amazing! Unforgettable Givenchy. I would love to see Pablo and Lakshmi in a Givenchy shot together. Trumancapote, you are so right this time! Lakshmi and Pablo would have been amazing.

  3. He is remarkably good looking and it must be a huge deal for a male model to be making an appearance in Vogue Italia, shot by Meisel.

  4. I am reading the previous posts…and I think Trumancapote is on to something. Menon would absolutely blow this out of the water.

  5. wow! Pablo Contreras, the Givenchy boy! hot editorial with Sasha, but I totally agree with u raie, him and Lakshmi would be great together

  6. reminds me a little of an old (as in 1996/1997 old) Valentino campaign Meisel shot with Amy Wesson…

  7. lakshmi is a way better choice i agree. ppl what do you think about articles coming out on that there will be more blonde and blue eyed models who will be used in adverts onwards cuz of financial crises.. i mean givce me a break. exotic and dark girls can appeal to a bigger spectar than blondes.. what do you say??

  8. Alex, MORE white models than there are now? Almost every advertisement features a blonde. This subject has been discussed ad nauseam but nothing is ever going to change until people’s perceptions of beauty change. Personally, I am sick to death of the Sashas Lilys and Gemmas.

  9. BLONDES TEND 2 GET ALL THE ADS, AND BRUNETTS USUALY HAVE ALL THE EDITORIALS?? and i agree with u, nothin will change until somebodies perspectives changes

  10. Hey Sam, who’s perspective is that? ahem * Steven * ahem * Meisel? lol

    on the contrary…….The Blondes are gonna be extinct sooner, so they have more value in terms of being exotic and rare!!!!

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