1. i feel they’ve aged her, obviously she’s still a young woman but these shots make her look older than she is.

  2. Wow, she is Fabulous!!!

    She has that Gisele/Lara Stone feel about her…… if package right by her agency, this girl will be HUGE!

    I’m still waiting for “The One”. That “Type A” girl who will be discovered from nowhere. Who will play the game the fashion industry will throw on her, but eventually will be so HUGE and will be the one who will be calling the shots! She will survive the industry without battling drug addictions, make a brand out of herself and have a wonderful family and wealth!!!

    Cindy Crawford and Gisele Bundchen…….. who will be the third one????

    Kate Moss and Lara Stone came close but……….

  3. OMMGG!!! Gorgeous! This girl is born to be a supermodel..like srsly..look at this girl..im just shocked, i can’t even compare her with anyone <3

  4. its kind of like a step back rather than “the future” she is STUNNING but i feel like the face of the future is definitely not this … she is more like a supermodel from the 80’s tall, blonde and beautiful..

  5. Woah, shes gone up the modelling ladder fast, I did a ametuer fashion show with her in 2010, and now here she is, in china vouge, just…… wow.

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