Stark & Lovely

Knoepfel & Indlekofer bring Caroline Brasch Nielsen into their black and white world, with a chic story for Vogue Russia. Styled by Veronique Didry, the shoot features Caroline looking androgynous with short dark hair and a streamlined wardrobe of sleek seasonal wares. A studded leather jacket, a few Vuitton tops and a those unforgettable Prada stripes: that is all it takes to make Caroline look like the epitome of cool.

  1. When you see images like this.. the consistency and balance in everything.. you cant help but feel inspired and also know those strange trippy thoughts in yor own mind: yeah they are ok.. makes photography all the more worth it!! totally unbelievable editorial this.. wish more mags would publish this kind of content.. Well not in Australia at least they dont :((

  2. There was a time when I simply… well, “I wasn’t a fan of Caroline” is a delicate way to say I didn’t like her at all. 🙂 Btw little by little I changed my mind, I like her a lot on the runway and… I think in front of a camera she’s got a lot of potentialities still somehow hidden, so I pretty like this, but I expect even more.
    Even if, wait, here she looks great (merit of the outstanding styling as well), she shows her extraordinary body presence / solid posing (not a surprise after all), and, I can’t describe it, but even if I find her “nonchalant” expressivity still kind of raw… it’s surprisingly hypnotic, yep lovely, and attractive.

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