Green Goddess

Richard Burbridge.
Tatiana Cotliar.
Robbie Spencer.
An editorial that shocks us out of our jaded fashion malaise with some truly incredible imagery. Merging the latest designs from Prada and Lanvin with over the top gems from Dior and Alexis Bittar, all hidden within a mass of natural wonders; leaves, branches, flowers, foilage combined to create art for the New York Times Magazine. Lynn Yeager‘s accompanying article is an engaging read as well – be sure to check it out.

Hair: Martin Cullen | Makeup: Peter Philips | Set Design: Gary Card | Manicure: Michina Koide

  1. this is amazing. TATI cotliar has the personality to pull this off perfectly. i love her and im trully inspired by this ed.

  2. Tatiana is one of my fave, me and my friends pretend too be, and call eachother some name of a top model, I always play to be tati, her runway walk is fierce aswell.

  3. i mean, let’s check:
    MARCH: spread in vogue espania, vogue russia and vogue nippon, and also metal cover.
    APRIL: i-d cover, ny times.
    COME ON!!

  4. Not the standard kind of beauty that we see in editorials these days but amazingly executed!!! I dont know how it feels for the models but the team really illustrated a wonderful job… The editorial almost look like a performance 🙂

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