1. Battle of Couture Queens.

    Look at Raquel’s Arms!

    Stella Tennant is onone of the best Couture Model.

  2. Love the pictured, however it really bored me how american vogue always selects from the same stagnant pool of models Coco, karlie, caroline, yawn

  3. Is Raquel Z using the Tracy Anderson method?

    Her arms work in this portrait, though…. it’s powerful.

  4. I like it apart from Stella, Karen, Coco and Raquel. Or said otherwise: I only like Carol, Karlie and the clothes.

  5. It’s Only A Game, Spring 2005 – amazing fashion show. He broke the chain off of the 2000 era modern fashion show and thus exploded his brand in the wake of the wave of the ideas and spectacles he let out. He elevated the idea of what it meant to have meaning, care, respect, behind Every little thing you do.

    Each picture is perfect and could not make me happier. While still very American Vogue, it’s Alexander McQueen and I cannot help but be in love with it.

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