1. i dont exactly get it but i love the shot with elle! and the rest… natalia is still so beautiful

  2. with the model and the photog, something incredible could have happened – but instead american vogue makes it mediocre

  3. Why do I feel like this was shot in the late 80’s?! I can’t believe how youthful Natalia looks in these photos. I almost thought they were old shots from when she was around 16. She looks absolutely breathtaking.

  4. From the description I thought it was going to be a really interesting editorial – instead it looks like a dull stop over in a dated hotel. Would it have killed the photographer/art direct to try bring some, any, life to the shoot!

  5. this is great work, great images, phenom. models and the text works…the only thing prettier than Hollywood is when fashion meets Hollywood… Bruce Weber is a genius and so ahead of his time and only those who really get film and art will appreciate this, and any thing contrary to that fact really doesn’t matter

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