1. I can not believe that this is how she normally would look like (weight wise)
    Don’t get me wrong she’s a wonderful model but I am really worried about her 🙁

  2. ^^^completely agree. Olga always gives great face, but she is one of those models in the scary skinny territory.

  3. forreal, I’m going to respond to your comment.

    Regardless of what anyone has to say about Ms. Sherer’s body I think she is a very good model, she consistently gives her all in front of the camera. I do think the images that Lina Scheynius created are elegant and romantic – the colors are phenomenal, the mood is perfect, the entire feel of the story is in my opinion very beautiful and I wanted to share this story because I felt strongly about it. I don’t feel it is my place to comment about anyone else’s body, I can only comment about the strength of the pictures and I do think there is a quality to this story that is worthy of appreciation.

    Weight debate is something that will crop up on the site from time to time, but I would hope that others can find something to enjoy about Ms. Scheynius photography as I feel she is exceptionally talented.

  4. everythings sort of…bored and tired. This does not capture Olga’s uniqueness. Weird hair-styling and colour in over half the pictures.
    The only shot I can see the concept begin to work in is the bathtub, although the irony of wearing clothing in a bathtub begins to become lost as her chest is completely hanging out with every button on the shirt undone. The subjectivity implied there is missing from the other pictures so it becomes a bit confused. All in all, many shots lack luster but while the potential is there the editorial just narrowly missed the mark for me.

  5. olga maybe be very skinny but she eats a lot, i know because i see how she eats up everything at work. yes she is very small but its natural.

  6. @tj- you do realize that people with bulimia eat alot of food, and then purge, right? I am not calling Ms. Sherer bulimic, but just because you eat alot is not does not rule out the possibility of an eating disorder.

  7. I agree with janelle.

    olga has definitely proven herself as a model no matter what and this story is beautiful imo.

    to forreal: your comment is criticism of something that is individual and very personal to a model. you are open to think what you think but criticizing anyone’s body is not going to help anyone 1.) realize what you think 2.) get help if they truly need it (and i’m assuming there is somewhat of a pretense with this latter objective).

    negative comments like that make you sound insecure rather than someone who truly cares and wants to help.

    think about what crystal renn said in her interview about the disparity of public criticism…

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