There isn’t a look that Sasha Pivovarova can’t bring to life. With her piercing stare and boundless energy she captures Bedouin inspired feel of Vogue Italia‘s May cover. The combination of Steven Meisel and Sasha always brings about stunning results and this cover is no exception. Granted, last month’s Eliza Cummings cover featured similar imagery only to have a grunge influenced feature story but were hoping that this issue with its ‘Great Escape’ tagline leads us on a path straight to Negev.

Sasha Pivovarova by Steven Meisel | Scanned by Blacklab @ tFS

  1. there s not chance that s a coincidence… the story it s just a copy of the Supreme cards from the last season…how sad if not even pathetic…does Vogue italia ( one of the best magazine of all the times) run out of ideas?n if yes why not to use new talent instead that the same old comapny….??

  2. sure its a similar theme as the Supreme cards, but the hair, makeup and styling are totally different from the cards. At least you can see Sasha’s face and natural beauty whereas the Supreme shos cards had the girls caked with makeup and unflattering poses.

  3. I love that Meisel went with this theme, but I wish he would take it further artistically
    🙁 I WANT way more play on the oriental romanticism!

  4. The whole story is beautifully executed, and although the theme is almost identical to the now legendary Supreme showcards, stylistically the shoots are different.
    And Sasha can truly bring any look to life!

  5. stop comparing it to the supreme cards already. it’s pathetic! themes are repeating constantly, it has been done before supreme and it’s going to happen after this italian vogue shoot!!!

  6. Don’t like it personally, when do you see people in the western world who aren’t Muslim where this type of stuff, if you want an Arabesque theme, then use an Arab model. Since the model is white have her in something that Americans relate to.

  7. In response to ton …UUuurgh.

    Why should the clothes we wear be restricted by our race/religion/nationality?


  8. The Supreme models cards from last season were the first ever fashion shoot inspired by Morocco. It’s a fact.

  9. The modeling industry is already dominated by blondes as it is. Almost every ad features a blonde. It’s rare to see ethnic attire of this nature featured anyway, but it’s a slap in the face when someone like Sasha P. is wearing it. Enough already.

  10. Responding to Darkhorse, your answer is precisely why I wrote what I did, I have no problem with people and their choice of clothing.

    I read a topic on here about lack of ethnics in the big ad campaigns, and I tried to be very narrow minded in my response to see what someone would say.

    Why do top labels turn down other groups, wait because they can’t exactly relate the models to themselves via skin color lol, yet the same designers experiment sometimes by using a look that is more common in another culture, oh the irony.

  11. I like it! its a zillion times better than this months uk vogue cover..this cover looks very different and classy somehow, and sasha looks simply stunning here.. this is the way to do a cover i believe..

  12. to girl….
    i guess u dont know what working in fashion s..of course vogue use different make n hair ,whis s musg better since s by guido n mgGrath..but the whole idea of shooting a oriental strory in a cheap studio with colorful backgroud s just the same n even the ligth s exacly the same…did u expect them do the same pose…???? to say thatwas copied??? of course the oriental concept s always n will always be used b4 n after supreme cards..but please this s vogue itala..the can fly to Marocco…just…has any of u ever met sasha?
    she needs so much photoshop to look likethat that s ridicoulus that u guy r still talking about how much amazig she s …infact all the imges fron the shows she does r not good at all…pleasee..give us some new n better

  13. Thank you trumancapote!

    Thank you! Sasha ALWAYS requires an excessive amount of photoshop to look good. Why use Sasha when there are more naturally beautiful looking girls out there?

  14. candy lol

    darkhorse I didn’t make you to angry with my initial post to respond again did I?

  15. this 2 me is great!! but boring, i mean everthing is right, but who can b interested in a boring EGYPT THEME LYK THIS

  16. i’m jus not interseted in the SASHA, LARA STONE, AGYNESS DEYN, i lyk a real model, some one who has a sexy body and a apealing face LYK: alesandra ambrosio, adriana lima, sessile lopez, jessica white, coco rocha(even though her body isnt as sexy) GISELE!!! AND HILARY RHODA(she did SI)

  17. The cover is fine, but I expect more from the “No.1” fashion photographer of this generation.
    The last batch of IT Vogue covers have been so disappointing, I am totally over waiting to see what’s next.

  18. Well Supreme is way before Meisel…For the record Mohammed the senior CEO of Supreme is from Marocco and the idea comes originaly from last summer when Paul and Mohi visited Marocco with Rachel Clack and Alanna Zimmer…
    Even on the blog of Supreme while ago you could see the starting point with the shoot Alanna and Rachel first apeard…

  19. Reminder, 5years ago was so cool..Now the clones leading the blind of the shows…Do you guys remember when Tom Ford in the past had shoot together with Marija,Hana, Tiiu,Julia, MariaCarla, Ujuwala,Adina youknow all girls from different countries…Now its all blondy and all Russian..Sadly the individual look is disapearing…

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