With her boundless energy and skill for posing mid-air Caroline Trentini has become synonymous with the Vogue studio editorial; it isn’t a proper issue of Vogue without at least one shot of Trentini jumping. Good thing the magazine’s latest issue features Trentini in two stories: the first a seasonal special by David Sims and Camilla Nickerson that pays tribute to the current fixation with all things mod and the second a preview of the Met’s McQueen extravaganza complete with stunning portraits shot by Steven Meisel and styled by Grace Coddington.

  1. Yeah her face does look different. But I doubt she had a nose job or any other kind of surgery on her face, I don’t think she would mess with her face with such a successful career.

    Glad she’s not going anywhere yet!!

  2. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! Love her so much!! She’s one of those Vogue’s editorials’ supermodels that we’ll always love to see working in!

  3. Do not like it, fell in the stillness, the beauty of it is already tired, already 70 years … and these photos … she has done jumping equals 500.
    But like a lot of Carol Trentini, she has a processing power of a chameleon, or urgently needs to reinvent itself

  4. Surprise – Another American Vogue editorial that features a jumping model. See: every other issue of Vogue that AW has ever done, ever. Trentini looks great as always, but the clothes are a bit depressing and dowdy for April

  5. Disiking the way this is shot from the ground up; the first thing that catches my eye is the models feet, photographer is to blame for this.

  6. Whoa! What happened to all the dissenters? I was expecting everyone to get all fussy about the return of the jumping Caroline to US Vogue. I’m so glad, because it never bugged me in the first place.

    Can’t wait to see more of the McQueen shots.

  7. Trentini needs to stop jumping around in Vogue.
    However, David/Camilla make it uber retro, to a time when Amercian Vogue was actually good and inspired by something other than sales goals. Trentini is still acceptable as she looks 17 but Come On and switch up the casting. Let’s see New Faces!
    Trentini Had to be in a McQueen showcase, she’s been in All His shows. Happy to see an elegant Trentini and not the typical girl next door.

  8. I love her facial expressions, but especially the one in the 1st shot!!! And her hand, too. It almost looks like she’s dancing. Like, I could’ve sworn I saw her move. That’s modeling, right there.

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