1. So delish!
    Britt bares an uncanny resemblance to Daphne Guinness.
    She is able to pull of truly wild looks and colors while her presence, albeit otherworldly, remains fully intact. Bewitching..

  2. Can we talk?(Joan Rivers voice).
    The models are great, but the styling is BEYOND. This is what you call styling, when the clothes are just as important as the models, and the models are giving everything, face, posing. The clothes look like no collection, because the stylist is not showing total looks from the runway which is refreshing, adding more character to the photos. In fact, these pics make you want more , more pages and more models. This is fashion.

    Also as far as trying to be like Vogue Italia, W has always had a slightly more european approach to fashion and Meisel has always shot for W, at least when Dennis Freedman was there.

  3. Britt Maren + Eliza Cummings? A very interesting duo, Eliza has such a great attitude and personality (I like her a lot), and Britt… well, not one of my favs, I guess she showed just little part of her potentialities so far, but after all objectively a good and interesting model I guess.

  4. If a magazine tries to do something different every single month of the year, begging for attention, it means that it still hasnt developed its own pictorial vocabulary – which VI has done since Franca took over. And that´s just inexcusable for a magazine like W. Thats the shortest way to oblivion. SAD SAD!

  5. I agree with Gustavo. Its all over the place. Bring back Dennis Freedman. In his days, W was so exciting. Its forgettable now.

  6. Can’t believe Solve shot such a trashy story. Every picture looks like there will be a garbage bag over the model in the next shot, and… voila! Here comes the last, most anticipated image. Nothing refreshing about it, seen so many times in the last…mmm.. 5 years? just more expensive clothes than the rest of the trashy Model Mayhem editorials. Lori has showroom connections, indeed. This is real fashion.

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