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With a focus on contemporary style and emerging talent within the African continent, Arise consistently provides striking content with a fresh point of view. Their latest issue is a dynamic exploration of beauty, fashion and style, punctuated by colorful pieces from the best designers and some of the industry’s most alluring faces.

Rose Cordero by Jean Paul Pietrus

Chrishell Stubbs by Willem Jaspert

Flaviana Matata by Chad Pickard & Paul McLean

Jamel Gordon-Lynch by Emmanuelle Pick

  1. Wow, love, love, love all the images and models. Great to see Chrishell blowing up this season, she looks stunning on her Aveda ad <3

  2. I really like Arise magazine!! Everything thing is always there; the styling, the models, the makeup, hair. In the end,there are really good edits(although never really long), and I appreciate that. 🙂 Gorgeous!! does ‘beauty’ quite well. She gives me baby Liya K. a lot, but why no big campaigns yet like Liya?? ‘Never say never’.

  3. i think flaviana looks incredible in the first shot of her. rose also looks beautiful and im glad crishnell is getting work but this is not the best example of that work.

  4. this really show how today s all about retouchin . rose cordero looks nothing like what she s in those pix… can we ever get back to reality when a model was supposed to look like one in person as well…n i m not against photoshop at all.. but this s ridiculous

  5. Love, love, just love the pictures. My favorite is the 2nd one. The legs and the dress is just wonderful.

  6. Crishelle needs a Maybelline contract ASAP!! She looks great, but the clear star is Rose. Its crazy how good she is at such a young age. I can’t imagine how amazing she will be in five years.

  7. Incredible, simply incredible….wow!
    A refreshing and dynamic edit indeed.
    Jamel is a stunner. Crishelle – beyond words
    Flaviana is a surely a dynamo of sorts in the making. Rose is a knockout right about now!

    I think this will make me cry for the rest of the week.

    That cover – my my my! Certainly in my top 10 of 2011.

  8. Another black girl in an edit titled “Wild Thing” and sad that it is Arise using the denotation. All I will say is I will not shame myself and turn the other cheek from history, a very dark and ugly history. The words hottentot and savage come to mind, but with that said it is a beautiful editorial of model Rose Cordero.

  9. Rose and Chrishell look AMAZING. Chrishell kinda reminds me of Naomi Lenoir, hopefully she can become just as big. They’re both beautiful. Great photos all around!

  10. just love all about models, cause am wanting to be a model myself. but need help and guardiance.

  11. african american models are a lot fortunate than asian models. i can see variety of african beauties such as chanel iman, jourdan dunn, joy smalls, rose cordero, sessilee lopez to name a few. unlike in the case of asian models. a very stereotype look from china, japan and south korea… i hope to see a filipina girl that can penetrate the big scene in the fashion industry. an asian girl with a big brown eyes with a darker skin. for me, i look up to this black models because they look more filipino than those other asian models like liu wen or philip huang. not all asians look like chinese…

  12. Cyril you mean of African descent* Most of the girls you mentioned were born in USA and in the Caribbean.

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