1. She looks good in the editorial, but not on the cover. Wish Meisel used a picture from Daphne Groeneveld for the cover.
    Or Lindsey Wixson.

  2. i agree with anlable, she looks great in the editorial but not so spectacular on the cover. daphne looks wonderful in the shot of the two together.

  3. i argee the cover is alright nothing amaing :/
    but i do love Daphne, I think it’s something about Kristina Salinovic nose it photographys a littl hard, she shouldnt put her head up so high. But other then that shes great 😀

  4. I think that Kristina, Daphne and Lindsey Wixson (who is also featured in this story, I’m just waiting to see her images from it) are representative of the current trend towards unique looking girls. You have to love when individual beauty is being embraced, these girls are really one of a kind.

  5. Kristina is amazing! She absolutely deserves the cover.
    Both the cover and the editorial look beautiful and fresh

  6. i think that everyone is afraid to say that meisel lost his “touch”. he is boring. his covers are boring. i give a credit to kristina, she is a great model, but its like he lost his touch. what is going on? im not buying this issue. its boring. im sorry. but it is.

  7. She looks good with the cover. Her face has mystery and intensity. Daphne on the other hand looks predictable.

  8. looks kinda like they tried to reinterpret the popular “girl with a pearl earring” painting! i love the black backdrop! simple, yet kind of 80s, but makes it something special.

  9. Just saw the entire edit. There are some gooorgeous shots. Great casting.

    PeterModelObsessed: Funny you say that. She certainly does in that shot. I also think Lindsey W looks like the young teenage jolie.

  10. The last picture -she looks like she needs a Pineapples on top of her hat, and play a bongo.

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