1. She looks stunning as always but it would have been better if she had closed her mouth. Still radiant beauty.

    Curious about the McQueen tribute.

  2. Kate looks radiant, flawless, young and stunning.

    Whoever did the photoshop retouching on the original image must have carpel tunnel syndrome by now.

  3. she s the QUEEN but make up ( which should have been touched up way better ) & hair r pretty bad for a cover

  4. Stellar. Kate will be around for a long, long time! & How’s about that stroll down the LV runway? Unreal.

    Sarah has been doing a truly fascinating job for McQueen. I certainly look forward to her blindingly bright future at the helm.
    Vive McQueen.

  5. Is it just me or has UK Bazaar really been knocking the ball out of the park lately? It is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorites to read both editorially and in terms of articles.

  6. I agree – It has been amazing.
    They’ve been doing an incredible job of featuring women. Alot more soul and so much more adventure and creativity.

    The covers and edits are so alive.
    This image of Kate bathed in light makes her so human. It could’ve easily had been aloof & detached but instead it’s so existential.

  7. i wonder what was the editor into at the time the staff requested an intern to do the cover. Lame.

  8. This is nice, but Malgosia Bela’s cover for Vogue Turkey and Numero in the Double Vision post is much better than Kate’s.

    That’s all.

  9. It’s a bog standard headshot with very simple lighting – it’s hardly ground breaking enough for all the gasping!! lol
    I’m finding a lot of the British publication so stale and predictable at the moment – with the exception of LOVE, which at least tries breath a bit of fresh air into the proceedings. All in all though I think fashion photography is going through a major lull the last at present, hopefully with a lot the leading photographers and editors coming close to retirement a fresh wave of new talent and energy will change things.

  10. If anyone wants to complain about amateurish photography and uninspired covers they need to take a look at this month’s US Bazaar cover.

    This isn’t my favorite Bazaar UK cover of the year (that goes to the Eva H subscribers cover) but I think that they’re doing a bang up job overall.

  11. It seems that UK Bazaar is just as coveted as UK Vogue. Since latter 2010, O really look forward to the release of every issue. Their choice for cover model/actress is always A1, with really good content too. Miss Anna Wintour, with US Vogue, is very head-strong, and knows exactly what she wants for her publication, and admittingly I like her formula. (Even though Hollywood gets 10 out of the 12 covers every year.) Glenda Bailey on the other hand…….??? US Bazaar doesn’t ALWAYS bring it in the same aspect. Like, I just didn’t like Kim K at all there for March. It was just ‘nice’, and I really didn’t think Kim presented herself fashionably strong on the cover. (However, I still haven’t seen the subscribers cover.

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