Gold Star

Anja Rubik, is sitting pretty for Vogue Nippon. Nathaniel Goldberg captures the classic stunner looking exceptional in dramatic gold makeup by Diane Kendall. Modeling is chock full of beautiful girls but it takes someone special to pull off a face full of crackled gold leaf and Anja makes even the most daunting makeup look dazzling. Don’t you think it’s time that the divine Ms.Rubik picked up one of those oh so coveted beauty contracts? Are you listening Lancome and L’Oréal?

  1. Anja is truly stunning. She had a brief stint doing Armani Cosmetics. Then a bit of Dior Addict. Then the supposed Lauder contract that eventually fizzled away (a shame because she’s a perfect lauder girl.) I don’t believe she’s the Loreal type-she’s too classy looking, not voluptuous enough. Revlon is all celeb. Covergirl is all celeb and too cutesey. Rimmel not edgy enough. Maybelline is too tacky. Lancome – perhaps? She should be doing Shiseido Cle de peau

  2. This just makes me so pleased…Anja Rubik has been my all-around #1 favorite model for at least the past 4 years. I’m always looking for her in editorials each month and she certainly has done it again this time. model perfection.

  3. I don’t get why she hasn’t gone to the very top of yet – is there any other girl out there who is in so many editorials and for such a long consistent period before. Maybe it’s because Europe don’t count, as here we hardly ever see Raquel but Anja is in every high end (mostly Vogue) editorials there is and has been for the past 4 years

  4. Truman,
    I hate to tell you this to burst your bubble, that you think it’s all Photoshop, but I’ve met Anja in person and she is BEYOND flawless. There are definitely models you meet and you think, hmm, the skin is not so good, but Anja is not one of them.

    She has this almost unearthly, even, golden color that is really stunning. I bet that she’s one of the models that actually needs very little Photoshop.


  5. I normally disagree with everything Ugly Betty here says, but she’s right. Anja is incredible, and it’s all natural.

  6. with lauder, the fit just wasn’t there. it’s about a lifestyle – maybe later. anja has beautiful skin but she’s been looking too thin these past few seasons in my opinion.

  7. I’m still spellbound by the expression on Anja’s face on the cover shot.

    It’s almost as if she’s giving an “ugly” look hinted by the most subtle of sneers, but it doesn’t matter what expression she makes, she’ll always look unbelievably beautiful.

    Not many models can do subtle, or get away with this almost disdainful attitude. Anja can do no wrong.

  8. Hillary Rhoda is the Perfect Estee Lauder Girl. Stunning, Beautiful, Ethereal and Healthy……Anja just doesn’t look Estee Lauder to me, same with Gwyneth and Carolyn. I really believe that Estee Lauder women are “Brunettes with Liquid Eyes” ( Paulina, Elizabeth Hurley and Hilary Rhoda), hahahah!

    The most Tacky is Maybe it’s Maybelline and CoverGirl!

    The Best model to move to sell products is Linda Evangelista for Loreal! she’s just sooo convincing people are clamoring for that MascAra she’s hawking!

  9. This girl is a true supermodel, and to top it off, she is an amazing artist and extremely intelligent, who could ask for more?

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