Bits & Bytes: The New Beauty

Along with Chanel Iman‘s recent appearance in DKNY’s Be Delicious, replacing Lara Stone, Eva Mendes is the new face of Thierry Mugler’s Angel, replacing Naomi Watts (WWD subscription required). That makes 2 women of color entering the high fashion fragrance game. Diversity, one step at a time.

We totally support Tao Okamoto as she rallies for Japan.

This Saturday Britt Maren along with Alana Zimmer host a brunch to benefit Japan at The Fat Radish. There will be live music, a silent auction and a wonderful meal too – click to get your tickets as space is limited!

Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani petitions against anorexia websites.

Hint Mag talks to Nicola Formichetti about finding the Mugler Face, Rick Genest.

Wynton Marsalis, Martha Stewart, Zac Posen, Michael Stipe and more at this fundraiser for Japan on Wednesday. Fascinating group for sure!

Sessilee Lopezz’s mom comes out with a handbook for moms and dads of budding supermodels.

Anna Wintour, consigliere? We love it.

VMan extends their modelsearch to April 15. Considering it’s for a shoot with Steven Klein styled by Nicola Formichetti, I would submit my pic if I could get away with it. Vote on your favorite submissions as well!

  1. @Luis

    Well, good thing (for Chanel) you have 0 power or influence in the fashion/beauty industry…Obviously. 🙂

  2. ^thank you forreal

    I really dont know what it is about this girl that makes people go above and beyond to hate on her.

    if u ask me she’s a very competent model and is one of the few current models who is recognizable outside the fashion sphere so projects like these are way overdue.

    lets all celebrate that the industry that we all love is finally embracing diversity and leave the snide remarks behind.

    like forreal implied,at the end of the day we are all merely observers,the ultimate decisions is made by designers,editors and photographers and clearly they saw something in her,

  3. The main problem is that the industry try to make Chanel a sexy model and ger face is to young to have sexappeal. She is a beautiful girl, GIRL… For me she looks like a kid.

  4. I agree, it’s good that they chose a black model, all these designers/photographers say they want more diversity but rarely do anything about it, so it’s nice to see them put their money where their mouth is. But did it really have to be Chanel??? There are so many gorgeous black models out there, and to go with Chanel sounds more like IMG being a very powerful agency. More so than Chanel being a great model.

  5. And the above rant is not because I hate Chanel, she does look good in some photographs, she does a good job most of the time, but this is a really bad picture of her…

  6. Sorry but doesn’t anyone seem to notice how awkward she looks. Looks like she clenching her mouth into a certain pose. I can enjoy Chanel, before everyone is going to describe me as a Chanel hating looney, but I cannot understand that they chose this picture. There must have been a couple a lot better, because she is gorgeous. A little mondain at times, but overall a stunner.

  7. I am not a fan of Chanel but I do not understand some things I read either…I guess it just means that she IS fabulous to incite such reaction. She must not be mediocre if she can get this reaction, which is a very good thing in the world of models.
    Mediocrity is no good.

  8. She looks as stunning as ever! Don’t see what the posters above me are seeing. It’s not like MOC have many options to choose from, if she was being booked for every campaign I would understand what the poster above me is saying but as it is it’s an achievement for black models that one of their own is featured in a solo prestigious fragrance ad, you don’t have to make it ugly by suggesting that it should have gone to another black model. Chanel has worked very hard to get where she is and is thoroughly deserving of this.

  9. Its disgusting to suggest other black for this ad. Chanel got it and she deserves it. That hardly happens with models of ANY OTHER RACE… But when it comes to black models, people make it a fierce competition. STOP. I love Chanel because she always finds ways to remain relevant. She never had the support of major photographers, most powerful editors, or designers but she has lasted 5 years and still gets mostly blue-chip work. B*tch will NOT fade and people hate that but I love it lol. Better than your fav! ;D

  10. I am not the biggest Chanel fan, but I am glad to see any model of color book something this big. It seems like the fashion industry is really making a turnaround in this department: Chanel- DKNY, Jourdan- Burberry & YSL, Joan- Gucci, Stella, Cavalli. Many of these brands would not consider having a black girl even walk there shows a few years back. We can talk about how it should have went to Sessilee, Arlenis, Jourdan, or Joan(*fav), but we should all be happy that diversity is at least being featured here.

  11. Why does posters here Hate on Chanel???

    I seriously don’t get it, she looks perfect for high fashion and commercial, her features are perfect, her attitude is the best, and she’s always happy and grateful……

    but everytime she has a big campaign out…. posters here are trying to take her down!

    Please explain this to me…

  12. @peter- some posters don’t agree with your opinion that she is a perfect mix of high fashion & commercial. Some say that she is too child-like for VS, and does not have many memorable high- fashion photos. Although I do not agree about your opinion of Chanel, I do believe some people can be downright mean when it comes to her.

    I also do not like how Joan & Chanel always have to be mixed into the same posts and pitted against each other. Posters say things about her, as well that are not so nice. You, in particular, said in one thread how Chanel was the true supermodel and Joan would be forgotten. If we want diversity to become more accepted, we have to stop comparing them to other models.

  13. Funny, cause when I look at my desk, I see three bottles of be delicious.
    I like the scent.
    But when I look at this ad, it sure doesn’t make me want to buy it.
    I can’t get past her face, in fact it annoys me.

  14. @ Peter, Lulu etc.

    I don’t hate Chanel. I’m just critical about this ad, because she looks totally umcomfortable to me in this picture. Like she needed to hold a pose for quite some time and was clenching her mouth.

    Chanel seems like a really nice girl in person and perhaps a good professional, so I don’t mind her succes at all. I’m just not a fan of her, that’s all. And as you stated (Peter) imo she’s maybe too perfect, if that can be a bad thing. She’s a little forgetable because of her flawlesness. I would find her more attractive if she had a little inperfection, something that sticks. Like Mariacarla, Lara etc.

  15. love chanel and its wonderful to see her in this ad! she looks pretty but unfortunately, the shot doesn’t stand out. it has no presence. she pretty much looks like a deer in the headlights. cute shot though.

  16. @chaz what I mean is since they rarely pick a black model for a campaign, they should’ve gone with a better model, that way the campaign will be a success and then more people will start choosing black girls for their campaigns. I don’t know if that sounds insensitive or even racist, or just plain stupid, but it’s my opinion.

    And thank God for IMG “rescuing” Joan from Elite!! Not that Elite is a bad agency, but clearly Joan wasn’t high in their priority list, so it’s great she found an agency that saw that supermodel potential and is clearly working towards that goal.

    Chanel is not a bad model, if Chanel were a bad model she wouldn’t be in American Vogue or DKNY campaigns, Ford or IMG never would’ve signed her if she were a bad model, so it’s not that. She’s just not that great. I don’t see 50 posts about people fighting over Ajak or Joan, we all pretty much agree on their fabulousness.

  17. Creating a niche within a marginalized and oppressed group of people, regardless if they are supermodels, is highly detrimental in preserving a more diverse and accepting society. Having Chanel in a fragrance campaign should NOT infiltrate and allow the conversation of which ‘other’ black model could/should have replaced her. This functions very dangerously in further stereotyping the idea that there can only be 1 black supermodel.
    Even if you don’t agree with the buzz and success she’s been getting, you should at least find it in your decency to not make such … dare i say it racist comments.

  18. ^^completely agree. Joan Smalls is my favorite, but she cannot book everything. There is room for more than one black supermodel. I don’t love Chanel, but there are plenty of other models that I don’t love either. That doesn’t mean that I don’t wish her success.

  19. ^^Says the one who said Joan is beautiful, but will be forgotten. You are the queen of back-handed compliments, sweetheart. 🙂

  20. Yeah I thought it would sound racist but it really isn’t, maybe I can’t explain myself very well. I am VERY glad they picked a black girl for this campaign, and I wish there would be more than one black supermodel. I wish Ajak, Arlenis, Ajuma, Joan, R’el, Ariel, Ataui could all be as huge as Naomi or Liya. But I don’t think it will be that way for a long time. So, at least pick a fabulous black girl for this campaign, not Chanel, she is okay, she’s a good model, but she is not the best. Or even if they have to use Chanel, at least choose a good picture. I mean she photographs so much better than this.

  21. And I agree that she causes a lot of controversy, maybe she will be like a Tyra Banks in a few years, great personality, smart, beautiful, but never as good as Naomi.

  22. @Josh-this is about Chanel in Delicious, why do you keep dragging Joan Small’s name? Oh yeah, right, I hurt your feelings on my comments about her…… and thanks for digging on my archives.

  23. @Carola-LOL, well i kinda agree with you, that Tyra’s Big success was built on her resentment and frustrations on Naomi, but I think Chanel is different……

  24. @Peter- All I am saying is that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Oh, and there is nothing wrong with not liking a model. I have no problem seeing Chanel do well.

  25. She’s gorgeous, but something about her expression in that picture doesn’t really sell the product. I think it might have been better had she tried to look happy, sexy, excited…something other than whatever she’s doing in this picture.

  26. First of all; Congrats to Chanel she deserve it, She looks like the apple itself, Fresh and Tempting. Beautiful Picture of her.

    Second of all; Cmon people stop comparing color model with another color model. Each of them have their own beauty and their own light and uniqueness.

    And I think all of them deserves to get Major Campaign without us to compares them.
    Why when it comes to Caucasian model only few of us compares them, ex; When Lara Stone get this campaign do we compares and say Karlie,Natasha or Freja better? I don’t think so. So why when it comes to color model we busy to comparing them?

    Actually we supposed to be glad because Fashion Industry already appreciate diversity…so STOP comparing them,let we enjoy their successful without comparing them, let be mature and wise when we see them grown up in Fashion Industry.

  27. @Cha Cha, Amen to that!

    Just congrats whoever get major campagin and even we don’t like that model or not. But still just compliment her/him for get it!

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