1. She’s like a modern day Twiggy in these pictures. I’m in love with Kirsi – her face really engages well with the camera. Not to mention I’m loving the appearance of the Prada Spring 2011 here. It’s all a nice effort, but I think this could be a little better in terms of styling and Kirsi’s composition in each frame.

  2. i love the new cut.
    i just wish that she would have more eneery in her eyes beacause they are amazing.
    but anyways she greatt great work Kirsi

  3. She is the definitely the embodiment of a fresh face. Unique, yet elegant. Btw, is that a wig or her real hair?

  4. @Josh, its a wig. Im thankfull for that, while it looks playful i still prefer her mid lenght hair.

  5. I loved this girl so much when I first saw her but lately not so much. I know I SHOULD like her, look at that bone structure. I think I stopped liking her after that i-D group cover. I shouldn’t stop liking models just because of one bad picture, I know…

  6. I think Kirsi is great, but I don’t think this look suits her. I know it just and editorial folks.

  7. this s pretty bad n i don’t see how people cant say s not once s compared to the cover of IV

  8. She has such an angular alien-like (but beautiful) face that just makes you want to photograph her. So Animalistic! And frankly I’m surprised she isn’t on the cover. Love GaGa don’t get me wrong but that first shot has cover written all over it.
    Also not to be a downer but why why why did Cathy Kasterine select the Stella McCartney Dress? It has as much shape as a denim pillow case. Ick.

  9. I also can’t help but feel that she’s beautiful but yet the images come across somewhat freakyyyy. Beautiful though.

  10. great story – the best Krisi has ever looked. Its a simple story but with a lot of personality and beautiful lighting

  11. What I like is… in fact, usually (or at least a lot of times) the “doll” concept is about other kinds of beauty, and from this point of view Kirsi here may seem pretty “odd”, quite surpring – but absolutely for the best imo.
    Btw her body structure is stunning. Peculiar in her own way, but so interesting; and then, personally, I like it (Kirsi’s body structure) really a lot.

  12. Wow, this girl have a unique face features. She don´t belong to this earth.I love models not common, some girls are very pretty but looks so similar. But in her case she is unique.


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