Born This Way!

How can we talk about i-D‘s Exhibitionist issue without talking about the biggest exhibitionist of them all? Lady Gaga takes to the pages of i-D with a stunning story by Mariano Vivanco, that showcases the Mugler label’s versatile menswear. Whether you’re a boy, girl, or little monster you look good when Nicola Formichetti‘s is styling and Billy B is providing the out of this world makeup. Naturally, Gaga looks fabulous, she was the number one on top 50 after all…

For even more on the Exhibitionist Issue head over to i-D

Special Video Luca Finotti

  1. what the fuck? really she get to have a mention here. in a “models” website.where karlie n jourdan cover is much better then this! i mean c’mon i now gaga may get more people but still. is MDC this bad?

  2. I’m so over Gaga (i clicked cos i thought i might some Jourdan). And I’m also over Gaga in heel-less shoes, and her ‘one-eye’ looks. She should just be a creative director. like what she does now, but without her being part of the subject, and without the music. Born this way started off being quite alright (omg Raquel Zimmermann), but then the song started. I know she wants to bring pop back, and she does what she does really well, but it’s also abit crap. The people of today seem to settle for less in terms of music, and alot of other things. I’m sure Lady Gaga can do better. Or can she? Wait, hold on a second! she’s not even a model! Tell me what you like but Celebrities aren’t models. People are playing fashion, and playing with it, breaking it down and turning it into a gimmick! Did you guys see what Hedi Slimane said? however, i don’t think high fashion should only be on models, that’s nonsense. But i also don’t think Lady Gaga should use fashion as her claim to fame, unless she starts designing and stops making booty music. rant over, you can shoot me now, or slap me, call me names, throw stones, whatever, i’m ready 😉

  3. latinboy, I will respond to your eloquent commentary.

    Gaga gets a mention here because Mariano Vivanco and the lovely people at i-D were kind enough to send us the exclusive layout of these images – all of which I think are quite nice. You do realize that featuring her cover of i-D doesn’t mean that Karlie and Jourdan’s cover isn’t going to be featured, it is not as though there is some post quota that prevents the other i-D covers from going up, we even had a whole post on Anja’s cover so somehow I doubt that a post on Gaga is going to disrupt things.

    I know that some may consider this is a modeling website first and foremost and in many ways it is, but things change. Websites change, our coverage has expanded so much in the past few years to include so many things beyond just models. If you can’t deal with it, I honestly don’t know what to tell you.


  4. I love the way they shot her new makeup look. It looks like cubism meets german cinema. A totally different viewpoint on her new “features”. Cool.

  5. im sorry,i was in a bad “moment” im just so over gaga!

    i dont see anything new from her.all this crazy thing in her face are just not new it has been done long time ago!
    those people should have send you some model material! i mean 4 cover,3 of them been models and they send you the non-model ed. to a “”. but i get it, once again sorry.

  6. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I LOVE JANELLE. I read first and foremost for all the amazing fashion world coverage, but secondly for all the sassy things you say. I agree with you EVERY time. You go girl, keep up the amazing website!!!!

  7. I live for Gaga! And I also love how Janelle tells it like it really is and always quiets down those people who log onto mdc to talk crap about everything they see and hate. Positivity please

  8. ^James: “And I’m also over Gaga in heel-less shoes, and her ‘one-eye’ looks”

    fyi the one-eye look is iD’s trademark on all its covers, it’s iD get it? duh.

    and she does push boundaries in terms of fashion, not a lot of other singers I see wearing mc queen.

    we live in a cookie cutter world where everyone is afraid to stand out or be heard (except to tell others what they can’t do), glad we have her around. no need to hate if you don’t appreciate what she does

  9. I get a Raquel Zimmermann vibe from this cover and pics, also from the US Vogue cover and editorial.. weird, considering Raquel is gorgeous and Gaga is just, well, normal-looking I guess.

  10. Seb; I don’t get your point on other singers not wearing McQueen. I mean, he was a true genius and all but he wasn’t the end all be all.

    Yeah, she’s “pushing boundaries”… in mainstream pop culture -definitely not the only one, and most definitely innot fashion.

    Every look she’s known for has been done before. Believe it or not, Beyonce was the first to wear latex clothing, Atsuko Kudo no less. And as for her looks as of late, you might want to look up Daphne Guiness. The face prosthetics? What do you know, Alexander McQueen used it for his Atlantis collection.

    The only difference with her is that she wears this all in public. Some may see that as commendable but I just see it as a gimmick. All she does is pack in all the trends as if to come off as a fashion icon. The operative word there is trends, meaning they are already what’s hot. There’s nothing wrong with it except for everyone trying to make her out as the freaking messiah of fashion.

  11. James; I actually just read through your entire post and I’m going to have to take back my earlier comment. First off, how do you not know the iD wink? Second, her as a creative director would be a terrible idea. And lastly, for your comment about celebrities being models, look up Ciara for Givenchy. It can actually work.

  12. Hi Seb and LD xx, yes i do know the i-D wink, i’m a LONDONER! but if you guys love Gaga so much you’ll know she enjoys covering one eye outside of i-D covers, in a way which makes me want to ask, “why not just wear an eye patch, or cover it in latex, or your hair? or a slab of meat?” I don’t care about the illuminati rumours, but it’s still abit *pig squeak*

    Why wouldn’t Gaga be a good creative director? she has ideas, but it’s not particularly in music…

    I hated Ciara for Givenchy. She looked like a prop. It was Ciara in Givenchy, not a beautiful girl in Givenchy. Good models should be able to strip away the name to become one with the shoot/look/story.i think it’s better that way.

    Gaga doesnt really push boundaries in fashion, fashion designers do. She wears it.
    She’s an advert. She’s surrounded by other people’s talent, but then the music is whack. I guess it’s not all her fault. i’m sorry, this is turning into a monster, let me wrap this up.

    I don’t HATE Gaga, she’s doing a great job and you can’t knock her at all, but i’m just over her. when you get people praying to her before bed it gets really strange.

    And i happen to love i-D and, and Janelle too.

    i should stop commenting, i talk to much..

  13. One thought..look up Martin Degville as far back as the 80ies. Dalbello, Danielle Dax, even Madonna…Lady Gaga knows where to borrow…

  14. not everyone is going to like gaga but I just don’t get the negativity… want to get worked up about something, there are plenty of serious issues in the world and people who actually deserve scorn.

    like her music or not gaga is a performer, a very good one. she makes specific choices about what to wear, and yes this is pushing boundaries in fashion, especially since she has millions of fans.

    her message is also important, unlike a lot of vapid pop-stars who have nothing to say she does have some very positive things to say.

    sure i could see how people could be annoyed by her fame and weirdness but scratch a little below the surface, she’s actually quite fascinating, her fame didn’t get handed to her on a silver platter, she’s quite talented, creative and hard working.

    ok moving on.. x

  15. Like what my name says, I don’t get it. Gaga is a product of the people who work for her, she was never the eccentric, fashion genius when she first started until Nicola came along. In my opinion she is just the same popstar product wrapped in a different packaging. I wish fashion would not glorify her, even though I know it’s good that she puts their clothes out there (and maybe that’s why).

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