1. i’m a bit over objectifying David, surely they could find some others that fill the gap in the market he fills!

  2. Gandy always gives good foot! Walks in Heaven he does!
    David is a whole different genre of sexy – There are not many of his kind around quite frankly.

  3. @Marina – you’re funny! But I agree: although his body looks hot, his face is starting to look quite elderly.

  4. Nothing wrong looking old, this is what a real MAN model should be, a MAN no a kid pretending to be a MAN.

  5. C’mon now. I don’t think David looks anywhere near 50! Perhaps were just in a youth obsessed culture, but I feel as though there is too much emphasis on looking young. I think David looks handsome and masculine, which is rather refreshing in this age of airbrush every line and wrinkle out!

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