1. the first image is beautiful apart from the way the coat hangs, its at an awkward angle which makes the thin model lok wide.. its quite strange. her face looks stunning though

  2. This season’s couture was a real bummer imo, but these girls still manage to make it work, especially Zuzanna.

  3. Bijoch wuttttt!!!
    Love her. They both had a strong season.
    Cool images – could’ve been much stonger from an artistic standpoint but the clothes are shown well.

  4. It’s such a long time I love Juju, this season she finally walked how much she deserves, so I’m very happy; she’s got her limits, sure, but I hope she will have better chances to show how great she can be in front of a camera as well.

  5. i like it, the clothing is amazing. the models need a little more strenght. there young. they learn.
    good work

  6. I love the 4th pic (great make up, styling and gesture/pose!), the other ones are so-so, a bit bland somehow… the girl in the 2nd pic looks a bit like Snejana O., no?

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