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One killer Dolce & Gabbana dress, two issues of Vogue; which do you prefer? Gisele Bundchen looks stunning on the cover of Emmanuelle Alt‘s first Vogue Paris in a relaxed photo by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and on Vogue Germany‘s cover Britt Maren takes a beach stroll in a summery shot by Knoepfel & Indlekofer. Naturally, both girls look incredible and seeing the same piece on two very different girls leaves us wondering how quickly this little number will sell out in stores.

  1. i actually prefer it on britt out of those two covers, but consdtance wears it the best out of the three. im not a fan of alt’s first cover. not going to be remembered as a great impression.

  2. Gisele looks super! The other model has this beautiful background behind her, she isn’t accentuating it with her posture! And for Constance Jablonski, very raw photograph… love it!!!

  3. Britt Maren.
    This is a hard one.
    Honsetly, I wish Gisele could of had my childern but.
    BRITT COVER is amazing, hnselty shes looks amazing its edgy and cool. She could cleary be the next Agyness with that Hair cut, I miss her. But overall Britt cover is the best. Sorry my sexy Brazillian Gisele.

  4. Jake, I totally agree with you. I think Constance looks particularly beautiful and very Vogue in the spanish issue cover.
    Between Gisele and Britt, well… I like Gisele’s posing skills, and she’ll always be such a great sex bomb, but she doesn’t sell me a magazine. On the other hand, Britt’s cover looks much more clear and somehow forward.
    I do am kind of concerned about that being Alt’s first cover. I wanted something really cool, like a nice statement. Not Gisele in Dolce in some random pretty italian village or whatever the backraound is.

  5. Gisele all the way. The entire shot of the backround and lighting makes the entire image look very fresh. It feels very ethereal. Britts is great but seems a tad too serious overall for spring.

  6. Gisele’s cover is fab considering how she poses and takes in her background. Also her angles are magnif. Brett is great too I love how she gives a certain edge and punk feel to this scenery that says “beachy, bright and serene”

  7. Constance for sure!!! She makes Gisele look boring in that Vogue Paris cover, and Gisele is definitely NOT boring, but Constance is just such a good model.

    Now between Gisele and Britt, I’ll go with Gisele’s cover, the whole setting and pose do more justice to the dress (I guess the sick body has something to do with my choice too lol) than Britt’s shot, it looks generic, girl posing in front of the beach, and the expression on her face just doesn’t sell that dress.

  8. I can feel Gisele breathing in the Spring Season. Emmanuelle Alt en tant que rédactrice en chef – c’est magnifique!

  9. I’m so tired of seeing Giselle being on the cover of vogue magazine always like she’s not that attractive and most definitely not a great model like the rest

  10. Gisele is Gisele, I’m not a super fan, but her gorgeous presence is undeniable; and about Britt… maybe not at her best, but she looks great. Just for the record, in the show this was worn by Freja…
    PS and yep, Constance too in such a different way was so gorgeous… in fact, with her delicate beauty, maybe my fav for this Dolce & Gabbana.

  11. Between Gisele, Constance and Britt, I like Gisele’s cover more. But Britt is not bad too, just didn’t like her way too open mouth.
    Gisele shows it all, always posing. I find Constance a very pretty girl, stunning beauty but yet girly. I want to like her but I can’t buy her as a model, don’t know why really.. almost always her hands just looks awkward, and not in a good “model” way. She can’t sell that she is sexy, gorgeous, etc, just somewhat girly and a bit uncoordinated/gawky look. Someone else also gets this feeling?

  12. srry but i prefer the second cover it’s not so romantic, more cool and looks more spring summer not like the end of it (first cover)

  13. Gisele simple explodes on her Cover. She defines the word “supermodel”. Honestly, if I was given the honor of a Vogue Cover, I’d give it all I’ve got. Wouldn’t hold back for nothing.

  14. I LOVE the location of the Paris cover the best; the green hues complements the dress lovely. Also, the way that Giselle is posing shows off the beautiful details of this dress best. And, I love her skin tone with this dress.

  15. I take my comment back and all the other comments I stated on Am I actually going to sit here and contemplate this cover while there are other issues in this injustice world…

  16. I think the dress is lovely… but it’s interpreted too literally on all 3 covers… if i were to choose, i think i like Constance on Vogue Espana the most – simply because i think the backdrop of the location, her body language and the styling worked the BEST amongst all 3… Britt is a bit bleh – her calmness doesn’t really work well with the mood of the photography… as for Gisele – this is the cover of Vogue Paris, not Sports Illustrated or Victoria’s Secret catalog… i love her facial expression, but her pose is dated… Alt doesn’t live up to the expectation… let’s see how she fairs for the May issue… and IF Alt is trying to transform Vogue Paris into another Vogue US/ Australia, please stop and think for a sec…

  17. Gisele makes me want to buy the clothes she models for, she has that effect on people. so I say Gisele. brilliant. She is the ultimate covergirl!

  18. <3 Gisele's VP cover! Its fits Spring look very well! Easy, Breeze, and Beachy!

    Vogue Germany looks good as well.

    I prefer Gisele over Britt because Gisele knows to make the clothes look alive and good!

  19. For me it’s the Paris shot – beautiful use of backlight to bring out the detail in the dresss, great pose and a stunning model ….. the winner!

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