Sailor Moon

Glen Luchford creates a moody black and white world for Clement Chabernaud to inhabit in the new Vogue Hommes International. As a handsome sailor on shore leave, Clement looks right at home in the gritty story that borrows from the cult classic Querelle; equal parts rakish and dashing in looks from Junya Watanabe, CdG and Bottega, Clement is a true charmer.

  1. why is this called sailor moon? all that comes to mind is the cartoon … which is completely diff from this shoot.

  2. ROFL I love Sailor Moon…

    But seriously, the story is very dark, thought it might be nice to have a lighthearted title. The title of the editorial itself is ‘Shore Leave’

  3. So why isn’t Clement number 1 on the top 50 male models list? He works the more than any male model at the moment, and all his work is blue chip.

  4. Well Dom, I agree. It seems, however, that unless Karl Lagerfeld (or Baptiste for that matter) dies or something, the number 1 spot will always be Baptistes. I do think Clement should upgrade to the number 2 spot though. If you go back to FW06 and check Mr. Chabernauds campaign/editorial record, it is STELLAR!! And as much as I love Sean O’Pry, at the moment Clement surpasses.

  5. I agree with Nik- Clement surpasses sean but then again there are several models that surpass Nikola and he is at #5!

  6. Clement is so French – I love it.
    He’s been at it for a while but his star is finally burning brightly as it should.

    Sailor Moon… don’t even get me started!
    I was up everyday at the crack of dawn with my bowl of corn flakes ready-2-go! I sketched, skecthed and skecthed her out of style. With her sexy Tuxedo Mask – swoon!

  7. Definitely, I want to see an editorial of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the Sailor Senshi, but just in school uniforms, but on top of that, in their gowns & capes in their past lives in the Moon Kingdom. Oh! Imagine the dresses, the masks, the capes, the palace – I’d put Karlie Kloss for it!

  8. Yeah. There is definitely potential to create a very unique edit based on him. I’ve got some strong ideas spinning upstairs right now.

  9. Oh Clement! He has that timeless handsome look about him. Sitck him in any time period whether it be the past or today and the man is the quintessential standard of handsome.

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