Celestial Bodies

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott pay tribute to the world’s best bodies in the pages of Vogue‘s Shape Issue, with an understated editorial styled by Tonne Goodman. When you have Natalia Vodianova, Joan Smalls, Daria Werbowy, Gisele Bundchen, Raquel Zimmermann and Lara Stone all in one story, little else needs to be done so M&M tone down their signature theatrics and let the beauty of each girl and Lisa Butler‘s natural makeup shine through.

  1. daria shot is pure genius. the most striking shot of the year.

    that shot should have made into lanvin’s campaign. not too many times that we see a dress that can speak to us.

  2. wow Gisele is the oldest model and she looks very fresh and young. Beautiful shots! love them all!

  3. As usual Natalia Vodianova, the fruit vendor from Russia won!!!

    WTF happens to Gisele’s face? Her face isn’t the best shot of them all.

    I miss Lara Stone without the eyebrows. That’s who she is. That made her unique and a stand out!

  4. lara looks likes she lost a lot of weight. i miss when she was more curvier. in the CK1 videos and in this editorial she looks just as skinny as every1 else.

  5. You should put a warning when you post such a beauty overload.How am I supposed to look in the mirror now???

  6. Gisele looks gorgeous. Her bone structure is impeccable. Love Daria,Gisele,Natalia,Raquel and Lara shots. what a cast!

  7. Joan and Daria’s shot are killing me right now!! That close-up of Joan could be her Estee Lauder ad right this minute!!

  8. You mentioned everyone except Joan. I think she’s the one that’s most impressive having had an explosive career over the last year. We’ve seen the other girls in the spread for years. I applaud Joan on being in such great company. There’s something very supermodel-like about Joan and I think Vogue, Mert & Marcus and many others recognize it. She’s got a certain charisma and her body is drop dead. She needs to be doing Victoria’s Secret!!!

    And there’s nothing impeccable about Natlalia’s bone structure in her photo.

  9. Wow, all models are really good, but face wise…. Natalia really is the most beautiful.

    I’m sure, you guys will agree on this one!


  10. I agree with jordana. Not mentioning Joan would be a little misleading I think. It’s so inspiring to find out that how she’s been able to battle MS and have an amazing career. Not only that she is incredibly gorgeous as well.

  11. now now, they are all great beautiful women and models. Joan is very gorgeous. Joan,Gisele,Daria,Lara bone structure is FLAWLESS.

  12. As much as these are photoshopped I think that the ladies featured really are some of the most beautiful in the industry. Mert & Marcus may enhance their images as part of their style, but when you’re front and center with Lara Stone, or Joan Smalls or any of these girls really they’re undeniable beauties. You could take a crap snapshot of Daria Werbowy on your cell phone and it would still look better than 99% of earth’s population.

    I also think that the retouching on this story was done just right – a little surreal in true Mert & Marcus fashion, but not distractingly so. You can’t beat M&M for a high glossy fantasy and that is what I think this is.

  13. My God, Joan is stunning, she is a future supermodel, with that face and body she is destined to be near Gisele/Daria status.

    Gisele looking amazing, great face, hot body. Daria looks perfect as always, it’s crazy that she doesn’t have a beauty contract yet.

    Not feeling Natalia’s shot, well never really been a fan of hers.. Lara looks okay, definitely liked her better when she had a little more meat on her bones, her face looked better too.

    Raquel is beautiful as always.

  14. They should’ve all been on the cover of this months vogue together. Great job casting this editorial. Each and every one of them belongs there.

  15. Painfully beautiful – each and every one of them. Joan is really working it. Her internal strength rages through every time. The second she sets foot on the runway all of the other girls appear weak.

    And Queen Daria…
    As this is a homage to the finest bodies – one would have loved to see Isabeli.

  16. Fyi, scoliosis is simply when the spine is curved. This is quite common. Gisele Bundchen, Rebecca Romijn, Vanessa Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar and many other have scoliosis.

  17. Wow! Lara Stone in American Vogue April….

    is she the Most Intriguingly Beautiful woman or what???.

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