1. her face NEEDS heavy makeup to look good, but damn she’s born to model! amazing facial structure and perfect boobs!!! how come they look even more perfect than fake ones??? so unfair!!! @@~

  2. She is beautiful!!!I don’t like that she’s smoking, and also the gap in front teeth, otherwise, she’s stunning!!!

  3. que pesadas las fotos de Lara siempre fumando! me aburren!!!! eso si en la última foto está IMPRESIONANTE

  4. The last picture, she seems to morph into Brigitte Bardot as well as Jeanne Moreau (see Viva Maria, a film they both starred in).
    Beauty and Brains… If she wishes to, she is so fit for the silver screen, now talent is a different matter all together…

  5. These are Collector’s Edition….

    but I love the Lara that has no eyebrows!

    Is that too much to ask?

  6. I do love Lara for the image – but I’m never so irrepressibly impressed by her, atleast at this point in time. I find myself attributing much more of the glorious finished product to the creative team instead of her as compared to other brand name beauties – though she is continuously evolving and it is great to witness that growth. ie. the Calvin Klein television edit…she delivered an incredible performance!

    Alas, she does not have it down to a science like Natasha, Stam or a Sasha.(yet)

  7. That’s your opinion…… There is a reason she is numer 1 in the industry, so far the others are not even close.

  8. Old-school Kate Moss is better than Lara, but Lara is a million times better than modern Kate Moss, I mean it’s like she forgot how to model.

  9. Well,. Lara is way better than Kate =D
    I cant believe her breast, I dont like them big but she has amazing ones haha.
    and i also like her better with no brows cos she does look more different n misterious!

  10. Because Lara pretty much just stands there and stares into the camera? Albeit looking amazing doing so – but that’s generally all she does or gets the chance to do.

    How soon they forget….
    Kate has been modeling for an eternity and is an international icon – she has nothng to prove.

  11. she is awessssssome!!!!!!amazing!!!!!!!Beautiful!!!!!!!what a great shape:))))))wow!!!!!!!!

  12. C is right, what did they do to her boob in the sixth picture? She is missing a nipple and is seems blurry or something, they the messed up with photoshop a bit.

    I do like her more with eyebrows.

  13. There is no Bardot but Bardot and the other model comparison is so far fetched it is not even worth an acknowledgement… she has a great look here but it will not last long if she keeps smoking which stinks on every level

  14. i don’t think “they” weren’t anticipating viewers paying more attention to nipples than to Lara. I love these photos.

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