The Mugler Man

Nicola Formichetti‘s tattooed muse Rick Genest isn’t the typical male model model, but his one of a kind look has certainly grabbed the attention of the fashion crowd. In the latest edition of GQ Style Rick shines in a story by Karim Sadli; dressed in head to toe Mugler (styled by Nicola of course) Rick brings a touch of the macabre to the minimal images.

Read the full interview in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of GQ Style, on-sale from this Thursday 17th March

  1. so unhealthy…young kids are buying magazines this days what to tell them tattoo your face?fromichetti sicko styling enough is enough

  2. yeah i guesed my comment will be deleted of course it has to be oneway thinking just like iam soo disapointed…
    right let the kids go in tatoo shop and tatoo their faces if that is healthy…

  3. If you post a comment at 1:03 and it is not there four minutes later at 1:07 odds are your comment has not been approved yet. I know it is easier to imagine that your comment has been deleted and your viewpoints are being suppressed by the evil powers that be, but 9 times out of 10 that is not the case. Comments have to be approved before they are visible on the site. Please allow more than 4 minutes for someone to approve them before you start assuming that the comment has been removed.

  4. I have to say, I always enjoy when an angry commentator has a tantrum over their self-proclaimed deleted comments.

    I kind of have to agree though. I think Lady Gaga is enough to depict gross over the top fashion that is completely not original/inspirational. I think Nicola Formichetti is not a good designer/stylist. He just takes advantage of “edginess” that is already there. Trying too hard is never good.

  5. I love it as an interesting unique way of expression… but in GQ??? now these days people are copying what are in the publications magazines and i am not sure that is a wise decision to show in mags suck as GQ.

  6. he is gorgeus. and i don’t see the problem diferent can be stunning. the taboos doesnt matter.

  7. mr formichetti just got luck n unfortunately seems a lot of it… cos form over rated stylist to designer s pretty good… so sad how he s turning a legendary name into his delusional fashion freak circus…

  8. Rico (Rick) is beautiful. Body art is a permanent expression of oneself. All because he covered his body in tattoos does not mean he is promoting tattooing. If teenagers see this magazine and respond, “I want a tattoo just like that,” then they are not seeing the true meaning behind body art. It is not about replication, it is about individuality.

  9. Quite frankly, Genest is gorgeous – tattoos and all. It would be a lie if I said that he doesn’t turn me on…anyway…

    As it’s Nicola’s first Mugler collection it may be good gesture to let him sink his feet into the role and allow him to develop somewhat before completely writting him off.
    It’s agreeable that “the Gaga” affiliation made for a much easier ascension.

    Though, Mugler himself created legend by means of his own fashion circus hands…

  10. The portraits are stunning, and the “model” is definitely interesting. His tats are a personal expression, and have nothing to do with fashion. His look completely overpowers the effect the clothes should be having. Are we supposed to be looking at him or the collection? Hmm…

  11. Is that a real tattoo? I don’t find that sickening though. Its like some would be scared by clown with all the exaggerate make up on but certainly not me. For me, I see a sad face behind all the camouflages (tattoos).

  12. Jesus Christ, imagine waking up next to that guy.
    I could never look in the eyes of someone who looks like they’re going to kill me.

  13. You’re supposed to look at both him and the clothing

    “His tats are a personal expression, and have nothing to do with fashion”

    Interesting statement since the last time I checked, the world of fashion and art was all about self expression – I guess we must have had it all wrong for centuries…

    People with appearance quite similar to his travel just fine! Of course other travelers are somewhat frightened – but just grow a pair!

  14. wow if i saw him in a restaurant or something i’d probably freak. obv he’s only getting jobs because of his tats, even though “they have nothing to do with fashion”. well i guess they do because fashion is all about the shock factor.

  15. I find this expression stunning and beautiful – although I have no plans to tattoo my face. I can appreciate the bold self expression. I wouldn’t expect to find it in GQ but hey! Good for them!

  16. Wow i find this campaign stunning! What an unusual choice of model, yet so perfect to compliment the clothing and leave a distinct impression! It’s very effective, evocative.

    To those people saying something to the effect of “GQ shouldn’t have shown this ’cause now people are going to run out and get themselves tattooed” WTF? You seriously think that mags should be censored because a minority of lunatics out there are THAT impressionable? Maybe you guys think that way, but the rest of the population has minds of their own…

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