Platinum Plus

Sølve Sundsbø is known for his surreal photographs so it is no surprise to see him bring a touch of the otherworldly to Vogue China. Enlisting platinum blondes Melissa Tammerijn and Shu Pei for an off kilter story styled by Marie Chaix, Sundsbø showcases a wild clash of color, texture and pattern. Melissa and Shu strike languid poses and look elegantly undone in strong looks by Proenza Shouler and Prada enhanced by Lisa Houghton‘s shimmering makeup; the individual elements of the story combine to create an edit that is truly beautiful.

  1. I agree about Melissa- when I was checking out the runway photos this season, I’d get a jolt of happiness every time she came up. So fantastic!

  2. I was convinced that Melissa already was on top 50 for a few months! So it;s it a big mistake not having put her there

  3. That fourth picture proves why Shu Pei has a Maybelline contract, imo.

    @Dutchie- I completely agree with you. I say around #39-ish.

  4. i agree MCD with Duchie and Josh. 😀
    and I think she is about more of 44ish.
    but the higher the better, HA.

  5. Solve + Melissa – winning combination … Just as good if not better than their Vogue italia story.. Also loving Shu Pei in this one.. Bravo guys.

  6. I actually thinks she belongs in the mid-thirties. She’s everywhere and is an actual muse to some designers and photographers, she’s carving her own niche at the moment, nobody like her in the entire top 50.

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