1. Eho cares how old she looks, she’s gorgeous. I’m sick of all these 15-year olds who all look pretty much the same.

  2. Carola Remer was born in 1991.
    Good thing Devon does not have a job with a circus guessing ages.

  3. I disagree with all of you, this work is amazing.the model has contact with the Camera and a confident gaze.
    Last time I checked fashion houses were selling clothes for the older crowd who have money to spend and not some fifteen year old closet…that is where the teen magazine is for.I think is the best spread I have seen since the 90’s.

  4. Finally a model that looks like a model…. Also, I am so tired of people opinions. If you don’t know what your talking about…. SHUT UP and take a seat in the back of the class before you get schooled in fashion. My only con is what’s the story? The first and last shots don’t match the middle three…. but, again I am not seeing the whole spread. Not the models fault.

  5. Magdalena Frackowiak look. I agree. Enjoying to see mature face even if she is very young. Just the idea of changes, bringing more mature personalities (as saskia) to mag.editorials and on runway makes me feel that beside good marketing, healthy image is back on the track.

  6. she does not look old–the makeup shades+techniques just make her appear older/more mature (in a flattering way)

  7. I like her, she looks nice and elegant. And maybe there are older women in the world who like reading magazines, and maybe those women (who are not 15 or 16 years old…) like looking at “older” women and not only teenagers.

  8. She looks like Magdalena Frackowiak’s aunt. Not that that’s a bad thing, because she’s beautiful and looks so elegant, but she’s just not as fresh faced as other models.

  9. love her, don’t like this shoot. The make up is too much and the clothes seem out dated, like a K-mart ad. She’s the only good thing about this, even though they’ve made her look older.

  10. There’s too much make up on her face… that’s what makes her look older!
    I don’t like the shoot.

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