1. Her features are stunning. That last pic of her with the red lips and those beautiful bone structure is testament of her exquisitness and good genetics blessed upon her.

  2. Hanaa is insanely gorgeous and she is even prettier in real life ! She deserves it ! And I hope to see more north african models in the nearest future coz’ they really have a deep unique beauty! 🙂

    Ps: she is represented by IMG worldwide

  3. I find it highly offensive that VP chose to cover a North African, or a Muslim, woman with scarfs in this editorial. It is racist. But after all Lara Stone appeared in blackface and Freja was portrayed as a ‘geisha’ in the same magazine.

  4. As I explained, I find it offensive that a North African model (woman) is styled in headscarfs with her eyes closed. Fashion may mean freedom — however fashion, and other forms of art, can never be detracted from political and social connotations.

  5. Agree with xanax regarding the red lips pic. Karim Sadli goes from strength to strength. I’m becoming a big fan of his work.

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