The Box

You know the coolest, most beautiful kids at school? They are all here in the new cK ONE campaign which we are OBSESSED about (see some of our favorites below). Get in the cK ONE Box. You may never get out.

The awesome David Agbodji speaks in French; Abbey Lee talks about why modeling is easy.

River Viiperi Delfin charms in Spanish.

Boxer Rob Evans is fit with a capital F.

Eric Ramos breakdances.

The divine Lara Stone vamps it up with the boys.

All the videos at

  1. omg i love abbeys video when lair pushes her out the way. its so lara! haha. it’s like she saying ‘move B1TCH i’m number 1’ lol. xxx

  2. I want to see all the models videos on Youtube, because there only a few of them and the Ck one page is not working quite well, at least for me

  3. I watched all of these last night on YouTube, very fun. In Abbey’s video, Lara Stone shoves her and it looked like Abbey was not too pleased.

  4. Out of all the models I like the young girl Sky …she reminds me of when brooke shield did with all the hair..

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