Bits and Bytes: The Moment on Meisel


One of our favorite Meisel cover and stories ever, with Linda Evangelista. July 2005 Vogue Italia. Image via the Moment.

Steven Meisel‘s 3rd book is featured on the Moment. (FYI, he’s at 317 covers of Vogue Italia and still counting). Sign us up!

In other Meisel news, behind the scenes at his GF Ferre shoot! Sadly we don’t see him ourselves but you do get to see the lovely Viktoriya Sosonkina and the amazing Viggo (and the gooorgeous and unmistakeably Meisel lighting). If you want to see Anna Jagodzinska‘s Ferre behind the scenes, check out the Ferre website.

Is Beth Ditto Barbie sized?

1 Management interviews Rad Hourani. Rad is so rad!

IMG’s web series is nominated for a best reality online “Webby”, go here to cast your vote.

Evandro Soldati fans out there: here’s a shot that didn’t make the cover of DOM.

Some new great guys featured below: Roy at Request;  Justin and Omar at Boss

Roy from Request. Image from COACD.

Justin and Omar at Boss.Ph: Fabien Montique. Image from the Imagist.

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  1. Wow! Steven Meisel really is getting his moment lately – and deservedly so! That “Makeover Madness” Vogue Italia cover from July 2005 with Linda Evangelista is my all-time favorite! Freaking FABULOUS!

  2. MAKEOVER MADNESS will alwasy be one of the highest moment in fashion photography…for also another reason besides the quality of the images..that there s nothing to do against an unlimeted hollywood budget…

    the Ferre vid s cool but everybody can see ho wmuch the 2 models are photoshoped…sometimes i guess we d better do see the backstage reality if we still want to dream…n the deam s taken by photoshop..sadly…

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