The Biz: Oscar Beauties & Dior Scandal

The stunning Cate Blanchett brings fashion to the Oscar red carpet in a gorgeous Givenchy couture creation | Image Credit – Vogue

John Galliano’s scandal is the most talked about happening of the moment and every minute there is a new development: In light of his alleged anti-Semitic tirade Galliano has been suspended as designer of Christian Dior. Meanwhile, he has launched an anti-defamation lawsuit claiming no wrong-doing, but then a tape surfaced allegedly of the incident itself and a second complaint has been filed. | Wall Street Journal / The Sun / WWD

In lighter news, the Academy awards was as always a showcase for fashionable moments. Stars came out in their best for the ceremony; we think Cate Blanchett in Givenchy couture and Natalie Portman in Rodarte were the clear winners of the evening. Take a look at all the fashions and tell us who your favorite was. | The Daily Beast

Suzy Menkes sounds off on the use of texture and embellishment this season | International Herald Tribune

The New York Times magazine is getting a new look
, the first issue featuring Hugo Lindgren’s redesign hits stands March 6th. | WWD

  1. That Galliano video is absolutely reprehensible and if the allegations are true, I for one would not feel any sympathy if Dior fired him, no matter how talented he may be. But the fashion business being twisted as it is, Dior won’t do anything since he brings in the bucks.

  2. I think this is a blessing in disguise for Dior. Galliano’s work, let’s face it, has become campy and stale. It’s almost a parody of what Dior used to be. The clothes don’t sell (when was the last time you saw anyone wearing Dior anywhere other than the red carpet?). They’re not cool, nor are they elegant.

    This is an opportunity for Dior to do what otherwise would have been much trickier: give Galliano the boot, and get someone with a fresh, creative vision who can rejuvenate the house.

  3. l wish that John Galliano should be forgiven…caution and be given a second chance…l heartily appreciate his works for the legendry fashion house of Dior which are highly exclusive and inspiring…he has been such a great source of true inspiration for me…thanks

  4. As far as best dressed; Cate Blanchett hands down, Michelle Williams and Halle Berry.

    I don’t see what was so spectacular about Natalie Portman’ look but alright.

    I loved that Jennifer Hudson wore that Versace Atelier gown from Couture 08′- I saved that entire collection back in February 08′ as worn by Rianne Ten Haken. Stunning on Jhud and a save of face for Versace, after (in my opinion)a pretty tragic F/W11 collection – with the exception of a few pieces.

    Regarding Galliano – that was terrible but he was obviously under heavy intoxication.
    His ego was bruised so I imagine he delved into the pits in an attempt to hurt feelings but alas it didn’t work out so well.

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how things unfold.
    I’d personally love it if he remained.
    His brilliant Couture creations are more than worth his continued tenure.

    For the record, if one does not witness Dior off runway/red carpet then perhaps ones location is questionable. No it does not move mountains like Chanel, Gucci or Burberry but the fine private women of upscale society, such as my darling women of Manhattan have closets filled with Dior pieces & continuously replenish. Look beyond the Karlie Kloss campaigns.

  6. Natalie Portman did look very beautiful! She’s a lovely, caring and aware human. Beautiful spirit
    – My previous comment reads a tad snarky :-S


  8. Galliano is a huge talent and Dior is incredible… Anne Hathaway is an incredible artist…she sings incredibly, and that opening montage was so funny… Natalie Portman is a true sweetheart, a true talent, and Cate Blanchett is also awesome. Hats off also to all the winners of Kings Speech, a great film! – The Hollywood Sentinel

  9. Poor foolish Galliano. LOVE his work. Think his comments were despicable. Still very sad that Dior officially started the paperwork to fire him.
    Will be missed

  10. So who will be the successor at Dior? Obviously Galliano won’t be posing at the end of Dior this week but looking forward to seeing him at his show.

  11. So sad to hear Mr. Galliano was fired. I heard this was a “set-up” because people want him to leave Dior without paying him big $$$$.

  12. OK, so we posted yesterday prior to seeing the actual video of Galliano, now we finally saw it. Drunk or not, there is no justification for those words, and if one says they love Hitler when drunk, and speaks of putting a woman in the oven because he says she is ugly, then they most likely love Hitler when sober as well, and have such feelings at either time. Hurt ego or not, his actions are inexcusable and Dior did the right thing in cutting ties. Good riddance. Hitler was scum who would have had Galliano killed for suspected homosexuality.

  13. HOLLYWOOD SENTINEL: Ur words are the best!!!..of curse we all love his works and so on but sry people the video say’s it all. This is not aczeptable and talking so reach us all not only the judes!..Peace

  14. I for one as a BLACK MODEL who have had the opportunity to work for John for over 5 years. I can state JOHN is NO RACIST. He has no racist bone in him at ALL. What he said in that video even do he was wasted (Drunk) was WRONG, VERY WRONG. However, we most take some time…….HELP THIS MAN GOING through a CRAZY Stressful time in his LIFE

    There was NO evidence against HIM when the ASIAN couple at the bar forward – bizarrely almost 2 weeks after what was meant to be a dismissal – A TAPE came out of no WHERE – Filmed months ago

    This Designers go through HELL every season. Bad or Good REVIEWS from some HORRIBLE EDITORS (Some, who have nothing good going on in there LIFE but to write SHIT about good people). Over 7 to 10 shows a year – Making this MASS companies BILLION’s a YEAR……

    I hope he gets HELP. Go to REHAB to get CLEAN. GO BACK TO LONDON. RELAX.

    Relaunch his BRAND.

    The Guy who takes over his job has a MASSIVE BOOT to fit. Unfortunately, there is currently NO ONE who can do what JOhn did for Dior

    I still remember ” was it not only few years ago, one of the Prince did a Hitler joke?

    The Good the Bad we are all HUMAN, capable of doing stupid things when Drunk or under the influence – So lets no kid ourself!!!