1. I thought it was impossible to imagine someone wearing that Prada the way Monika (Jagaciak, obviously…) did (*cough* and those shoes too *cough* hehe), but Denisa does it pretty well too; I love so much her beauty, body, and posing as well. I’d like to mention Giedre too, and… about Anais… I’m sure things will change, but now I try, I try, I try!, but sorry I still can’t like her so much.

  2. I like Olga’s cover the most OMG it’s beautiful! Also Anais looks interesting,she reminds of Helena Bonham Carter here.

  3. @ IS THIS IT?
    Just because Monika wore it at the show doesn’t mean someone else can’t wear it and look good or better in it :S
    And you don’t have to try to like Anais, there are several models I don’t like myself and i’m not even trying to like them. It’s very normal to have your favorites and least favorites.

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