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Haute Russian magazine Playing Fashion launches its first bilingual issue with 4 beautiful covers by Emma Tempest featuring Anais Pouliot, Denisa Dvorakova, Giedre Dukauskaite and Olga Sherer. The March edition also showcase the latest in fashion and design talents with in depth profiles of Mark Fast, Russian designer Olga Vilshenko and photographer Chadwick Tyler.

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  1. I thought it was impossible to imagine someone wearing that Prada the way Monika (Jagaciak, obviously…) did (*cough* and those shoes too *cough* hehe), but Denisa does it pretty well too; I love so much her beauty, body, and posing as well. I’d like to mention Giedre too, and… about Anais… I’m sure things will change, but now I try, I try, I try!, but sorry I still can’t like her so much.

  2. I like Olga’s cover the most OMG it’s beautiful! Also Anais looks interesting,she reminds of Helena Bonham Carter here.

  3. @ IS THIS IT?
    Just because Monika wore it at the show doesn’t mean someone else can’t wear it and look good or better in it :S
    And you don’t have to try to like Anais, there are several models I don’t like myself and i’m not even trying to like them. It’s very normal to have your favorites and least favorites.

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