1. Amazing!! I get so happy when I see Joan in other magazines besides all the Vogues. The next time I see her in any edition of Vogue, there needs to be a cover, as well. Great in V!!

  2. Wow this blows me away!!! Joan is continuing the streak. she owns this months vogue. I counted her in on 6 different pages including her Gucci campaign, Roberto Cavalli campaign, 1 solo shot and 3 shots toward the back!!! And of course this V shoot! Love you Joan!

  3. Love the 3rd, 4th and 6th picture. Think she looks a bit too soft in the rest, but it’s a nice enough story.

  4. @pastelle

    a great model doesn’t need a production, think gisele, Freja…..

    I think she did good! Love the first two pictures!

  5. Heavens bless her. She is stellar and deserves every glistening inch of success coming her way. Wonderful to see the creative teams getting creative by exploring a wider range of cultural inspirations…

    Joan reminds me much of the fabulous Liya in this edit. Reeling over the first 2 images myself. Viva la Joan!

  6. She looks like a lot like Jennifer Lopez…. start looking at the eyes, cheekbones and her mouth….

    I love their subtle Puerto Rican beauty!

  7. omg, this is genius, those cheekbones.. love love love the third pic. i sincerely hope she’s not just a fad, i’d like to see that face in magazines for a long time.

  8. Oh, and I don’t think she’s just a fad, she’s supermodel material, but you know how it is in the fashion business.

  9. Someone knows how to make this hair style?
    I really would like to make it with my hair, but i don’t know how.

    She Looks so Beautiful

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