Eyes on the Prize

While it seems like just yesterday we met the impish Addison Gill, it’s already time for another round of the V Magazine modeling contest. This year V pairs up with Ford Models to seek out the total package – a girl with classic beauty, a winning personality and of course that intangible “it” factor.

We asked Ford’s Women’s Director, Caroline Poznanski: What do you think is the most exciting thing about doing a model search? Her answer? “The most exciting thing about a model search is discovering someone and seeing how she evolves from the time we first see her to 6 months later. Watching the changes the model goes through and how her book transforms is extremely rewarding. We’re excited to do this search for the first time with V, one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world.”

Think you have what it takes to handle the model life? Enter the contest at V Magazine.com


  1. So Ford is going to have supermodel of the world and this V contest? I felt like the Supermodel of the world contest was not covered well at all, maybe they were in the middle of switching formats?

  2. oh, so Ford is doing it for the women division too? wha will happen to supreme/vmag contest? and will ford also have another supermodel of the world nex year? wow! they’re getting more serious in finding new models

  3. Ford loves modelling competitions don’t they? Last January’s supermodel contest wasn’t covered well, Charlotte is right, and now they’re doing this again? How about getting the winner and the finalists of that contest some buzz, Ford? Those young kids deserve some loving from their agency, don’t they?

  4. super cool! Ford is following up on their editorial success- they know how to build a star! just look at Lakshmi or Chanel!!

  5. OMG- this will be huge. Cannot wait to see who they get, i loved Amanda and Addison, but i think switching the agency could be great! new blood, new girl! bring it on…..

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