1. off topic…when you are an exclusive, does your agency give you a showcard even though you are not walking any other shows?

  2. Kinda really like it! I’m quite tired of these sunlotion-inyourface-sexy photos, this is a breath of fresh air.

  3. I’m so happy for Juju, she absolutely deserves the success she’s having this season, she was so underrated and the thing was unbearable. Btw even if I’m a huge fan of her, I admit she’s got some limits, absolutely yes, so she does some things better than others, and… yep, a little because of her, a little because of “everything else”, this is not exactly great imo.
    But if it’s a good excuse to underline once again how happy I am for her, and the interesting model she is, ok, welcome… 🙂

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