1. Fei Fei is one of a kind. I’m not noticing the other girls on the cover, pretty as they are, this is Fei Fei’s cover.

  2. Really great cover. Something new for VN.

    BTW you should really post more editorials. A lot of them aren’t even in your database.

  3. Both Feifei and Bambi look really amazing on the cover…. would hv been better off with them two than four… but Feifei do own this cover

  4. I love this quartet, minus Milou. She just doesn’t ‘pop’ in the face like the other girls; even with that heavy make-up. This would have been better if there was J. Smalls. Her first Vogue cover is way past due anyways……..AND I FRIGGIN LOVE HER.

  5. OMG…. Fei Fei owns this cover completely! She looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Vogue Nippon should simply have one cover girl: Fei Fei.
    The rest looks dead….

  6. FeiFei does look AMAZING!
    but i just have to say that Britt looks amazing as well, i think people forget about her, her looks are so amazing ! GOSS !

  7. I’m sorry, but Milou looks a bit like the wannabe in this group, her face just doesn’t bring that confidence. Nik i agree with you, it should have been Smalls instead.

  8. Feifei “killed” all on this cover.
    she’s like the Empress with her maids in waiting.

    if i’m not wrong, she’s the first non Japanese Asian model on Nippon Vogue cover.

    clap for her!!!

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